Monday, April 16, 2007

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Premierlight Flexible LED Torch

Product Number: 130
How much: £9.99 RRP
Where can I buy it:

As anyone that has ever walked through a city center at night will attest to, it can at times be a terrifying experience. The idea of walking through somewhere you know so well in the light which has now been reduced to darkness, and seeing a place usually full of people now surrounded by a few stragglers each more suspicious than the last, is not a pleasurable experience. The last few times I’ve had to do this I’ve hopped in a taxi instead like the big baby I am, put perhaps with the Flexi-light in my hand I’ll soon be ready to brave the darkness.

Although small, the flexi-light is incredibly bright, andto add to its strength the beam is emitted from a small point which then radiates. There’s no plastic sheen to hold the bulb back and as a result the ½ watt LED inside is capable of filling up entire areas with brisk sharp light. I suspect in a few months Premier light may have to slap a ‘Do not look directly at the LED’ warning on the box as I can see someone looking at it for a little too long and then filling a law suite…

Of course the more likely a torch is to scar someone’s cornea, the better it’s bound to perform so in that respect it’s the perfect ‘lost in the dark’ aid. In fact the front of the box claims that it’s so effective that it will light the way up to 1 mile ahead of you. This of course is one of those annoying statements that it’s really impossible to test given that it’s hard to find anywhere in Birmingham that’s a mile long without buildings.

None of this really matters when it’s far more likely that instead of lighting up one mile long runways you’ll probably be using the flexi-light for more traditional uses. Such as trying to find your way around when the lights go out for example, and this test was where the device shined (literally and metaphorically). Not only did the device suitably light up my studio wherever I pointed it, it also made objects far away incredibly visible as this shot somewhat indicates.

On the down side the switch you push to turn the torch on is a little flimsy. For some reason it's soft and 'squidgy' so ocassionally when you try to push it in you'll simply slide the switch rather than actually activating the torch. Not a great feature when you're already groping around in the dark trying to find your way around, but then again not really something that will stall you for more than a second.

Surely you’re probably thinking by now “So what? I’ve got a torch that works perfectly well”, but can your torch rotate around 360 degrees in any dimension? And I’m not talking about turning your hand and moving the torch around, you see the flexi-torch has a flexible head which you can twist and weave to fit in to even the tightest hidden holes. Always losing things down the side of kitchen cabinets? Then you simply twist the light around, pop it in and suddenly everything becomes clear.

This immense power comes at a price of four watch batteries every time it runs out, although the front of the box mentions its “long life” so you should at least expect your initial purchase to go far. Just make sure you pick one that doesn’t look like it’s been given a few too many ‘trial goes’.

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