Friday, April 20, 2007

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Monamor Range

Product Number 132-134
Price: £19.95 (Body Cream/ Bath Soak), £22.95 (Salt Scrub)
Where can I buy:

Before we start I'd just like to say the folks at Monamor have the best handwriting I've ever seen:

It's like something out of Lord of the Rings....

Today I will be revieweing “Hufen Corff Rhosynnau te a Mynydd gydag echdynnyn ewain mon” or for those of you who don’t speak Welsh: “Tea Rose and Peony Body Cream with extract of Anglesey Meadowsweet”. Of course for those of you who thought Body Cream was simply Body Cream that second description won’t be any clearer at all.

Sadly I fall in to the second category and despite being born in the sunny Welsh town of Newport (a tale for another day) I couldn’t make sense of either of the descriptions. So I decided the only reasonable way to get to grips with the product would be to pop off the lid and slather it all over. Hopefully the language of product testing and the notion‘ of slathering something on’ is something which we can all understand (the more reserved of you may prefer the phrase “delicately applied to the skin” but you get the idea).

So after slathering/ delicately applying the lotion the first thing I noticed was the intense smell of the product itself. With a smell clearly intended for women, I promptly delved behind the nearest desk and waited until the smell subsidised before heading outside. Unfortunately for myself, the smell stayed with me for an age. The upside of this is that if you are the correct gender for the product then you’ll have a fantastic smell that is bound to entice any male passers by (heck I even found myself sniffing my hand whilst the product was on it).

It’s at this point that I decided to hand the remainder of the products to Marie for testing purposes, and thankfully she was able to provide me with a much fairer perspective. It also helps that Marie had a bath to hand to try out the next two products which really wouldn’t have worked so well in my shower.

Tea Rose and Peony Bath Soak with extract of Anglesey Meadowsweet: A runny texture that can only accurately be decribed as ‘gloopy’, the bath soak has the texture of silly putty and yet somehow also has the smell of the heavens. After scooping your hand in to the pink mixture and applying a small amount to any bath you’ll soon bear witness to an explosion of bubbles, a delightful smell and a relaxing bath. As with all of the products in today’s update the tub is huge and you need very little product each time you use it so it should last for an entire divine eternity.

Pure White Halen Mon Exfoliating Salt Scrub with extract of Anglesey Meadowsweet: I was baffled to read on the Monamor site that the salt used in this product is actually used by award winning chefs. Their logic? “if it is good enough for the inside of the body, it must be even better for the outside.” Whilst the other products had rather fantastic smells, the salt scrub is bound to turn a head or two when you open the tub for all the wrong reasons as it has a very distinct odor. Thankfully the smell is less noticeable in a shower so it’s not too big a concern. The scrub itself is also highly effective at refreshing the skin and distressing the mind.

De-stressing is a really big part of what Monamor offer, and all of their products are perfect for relaxing mind and body. Their website even asks for you to write in if you’ve had a stressful week so they can help. A company set up to help relieve stress and give its customers a better quality of life? Now there’s a relief.

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