Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Memory Foam Pillow

Product Number: 126
How much: £24.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: JML, ASDA, Woolworths and Wilkinson.

NASA have helped to make some great products possible: Not only did they help to make the glue in Post-It notes but they also invented pens that can write in space and err… rocket ships…? Another product which has slowly trickled down in to the public marketplace with a small helping hand from NASA is the Memory Foam Pillow which can be yours for a mere £24.99. Space age technology for under twenty five quid? What’s the catch?

Although it’s hard to imagine what use the Memory Foam Pillow would have in space (it’d float away surely?) it certainly does have a very practical use in your every day home. In essence the Memory Foam Pillow has been designed as a pillow for anyone who has ever dreamt of a perfect nights sleep, (and those that have been kept awake all night just wishing to fall asleep and dream about a perfect nights sleep!). For this purpose it’s made of ‘visco-elastic foam’ which helps to distribute your body (head) weight across a large surface area.

When you first lie on the pillow there’s no denying that it does a fantastic job of distributing any weight you put on it and no matter how hard you push down it seems to bear the weight incredibly well. It’s a little like when you lie down on a brand new pillow for the first time and it feels incredibly firm, only in this case the pillow manages to keep its shape long after the first week you use it.

Of course this hardness could easily get in the way of a good nights sleep if the pillow felt uncomfortable but the designers have thought of that too and there’s a big dip in the middle of the pillow which is designed to cushion your head and neck. For those that don’t like to lie on their back the pillow is also usable on your side or front without having to worry about turning it around. In essence there’s no real disruption to your normal sleep routine, you simply switch it for your normal pillow, lie down and relax.

Once relaxed you should hopefully be taken to the land of slumber and later awake feeling refreshed and energetic. In my trial this was definitely the case and I found the pillow very similar to those on ready-beds that are often used for camping or sleepovers, only with far better support. Upon arising the pillow quickly reverted back to its normal shape and the dip caused by my head was quickly absorbed making the pillow nice and firm again for my next night of slumber.

(Unflattering Photo No.1)

So what have the space age scientists (with a little help from JML) given us? Well in essence they’ve managed to create an effective pillow which moulds to your shape and helps aid sleeping no end. The only downside is that you can’t try before you buy, but if you always find you have a better nights sleep whenever you buy a new pillow then you’ll find the Memory Foam Pillow makes a perfect bedfellow.

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