Friday, April 13, 2007

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L’Oréal Range

It’s been said that you should give the public what they want and I’m always happy to oblige. When you wanted more toys, I reviewed more toys. When you wanted more home stuff I reviewed kitchen and lifestyle products. Yet one review has remained at the top of our most viewed products since we went live in August and no matter how many crazy toys and unique household products I review I simply can’t seem to top it: L’Oréal lip gloss.

So in respect to giving you what you want, it’s over to Marie once again for a look at more from L’Oréal:

Name: L’Oréal Color Riche Star Secrets
Product Number: 127
How much: £7.99

Every girl wants at some time to look like a celebrity and the thinking behind this new range from L’Oréal is that you’ll now be able to do just that. To create that celebrity look each of the lip stick’s in this range has been modeled on a different celebrity so all you need to do is pick your model of choice, apply and wait for the red carpet.

The sample I received went by the number 713 and name ‘Kerry Rosewood’ which surprised me given that I’d never heard of a celebrity with that name. A quick online search later and it soon became apparent that the lip stick was in the style of Kerry Washington who has popped up in everything from Fantastic Four, to Ray. In my case the lip stick looked almost the same as my natural colour so I didn’t really get the celebrity treatment I was expecting but even then I got to enjoy the smooth outside of the lip stick itself and marvel in the fantastically stylish black and gold case.

Name: L’Oréal Color Resist Cream Eye Shadow
Product Number: 128
How much: £5.99 RRP

For something that is advertised as having “12 hour wear” and being “waterproof” I was disappointed to find that this eye shadow rubbed straight off and lacked any resistance. This was a real shame as the 24: Peach colour which I received looked far too good to see it disappear as soon as I blinked. Despite the loss of colour the eye shadow did leave an enticing, sparkly residue which was some comfort but it’s a shame that it didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the advertising.

Name: L’Oréal Touche Magique
Product Number: 129
How much: £6.99 RRP

Thankfully the Touche Magique did a much better job of fulfilling its PR expectations, it’s pitched as an Anti-fatigue and illuminating concealer with a smoothing effect and it did just that. It’s great for covering up under eye bags and helping to remove the daily wear and tear of modern life. Something which wasn’t mentioned but really should be is that it’s also fantastic at covering up blemishes and will work wonders in that area.

Application is easy too thanks to a soft feathery brush which delicately applies the desired amount of concealer. To decide how much you need you twist a bit at the bottom and the concealer will smoothly rush upwards and in to the brush ready to remove any imperfections. Definitely something I’d recommend.

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