Monday, April 30, 2007

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'The Good Book'

Product Number: 142
How Much: £15
Where can I buy one: Suck UK

It was only a matter of time before we actually received 'The Good Book' to review, but this isn't it. Sure the front may look innocent enough, with its golden insignia and Latin inscription but open it up and it suddenly becomes apparent something isn’t quite right…

Someone’s cut a ruddy big hole in the middle of it, and smuggled inside a hip flask. Very sneaky! Of course the first clue that something isn’t quite right is the Latin inscription on the front “Cogito Sumere Potum Alterum” which when translated actually says “I think I’ll have another drink”! Aside from that the team at Suck UK have done a fantastic job of replicating something which looks just like a classic bible including a gold effect on the side of the pages.

The book does come with a plastic sheet on the front which reveals it as a ‘Flask in a Book’ but it can be easily removed to make sure you don’t give the game away too soon. This fantastic effort to deceive will please those looking to give the ‘Flask in a Book’ away as a gift as it means your recipient will appear utterly dumbfounded on first opening their present (unless of course they’re a devout Catholic in which case they’ll be dumbfounded upon opening the book instead).

As for the flask it’s made from stainless steel and can contain up to 4OZ of liquid inside its slim frame. Ergonomically it’s perfectly designed and curves inwards at the back to make it easy to hold whilst you sneak a quick drink when no one is looking. The lid itself screws on and off and isn’t attached to the flask itself which will please some of you and anger others so I’ll leave that out there for debate.

To test the flasks capacity I filled it to the brim with water, screwed on the top and then wrapped it up in kitchen paper and shook vigorously. After a few minutes of shaking I managed to dislodge a tiny droplet of water and was suitably pleased. Peace of mind then for those of you drinking the ridiculously priced Grey Goose Vodka who are worried about losing more than a drop.

The Suck UK website also recommends that you personalise the present by either writing a personal message on the first blank page of the book or by filling up the flask with your recipients favourite tipple. The flask itself also comes without any engravings so it’s ready for your local key cutters to do what they do best (well aside from actually cutting keys and for some reason shining shoes).

The 'Flask in a Book' is devious, intriguing and positively sinful. Which is probably why it makes a great gift for anyone you want to really surprise. Remove the plastic, wrap it up and wait for hilarity to ensue.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's genius!

3:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the flask sturdy?

7:17 PM

Blogger Blagman said...

It's relatively sturdy, the cap screws on tightly and it isn't going to collapse in your hands.

5:07 PM


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