Friday, April 27, 2007

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Gel Soles

Product Number: 141
Price: £39.99 RRP (£29.99 if you quote “”)
Where can I buy: Walk Pain

Prices are frustrating things. Give something a low price and you’ll turn an unusual product in to a fascinating impulse buy, but price them too high and you’ll turn away people that have the slightest worry that a product may not be what they’re looking for. Thankfully at we’re all for haggling and that’s why we were chuffed to see the team at 'Walk Pain Free' willing to shave £10 off their product price for all of our readers. Add to that their three year guarantee and a once worrying price suddenly becomes far more attractive.

But all of this would become utterly pointless if the Gel Soles didn’t work, and knowing that we couldn’t promote something that we hadn’t tried out ourselves I embraced the soles in to my life. I received a sample in size 9 to 11 which was perfect for my size 11 feet, and there's a multitude of other sizes available to make sure you get the best fit for your size.

Fitting the sole in to your shoes is an easy process and given their flexible nature you simply bend and push. The soles will then spring back in to the desired position and you’re all set. I tried the soles out in three different pairs of shoes and found that they fitted perfectly in them all. However, the soles do add an extra centimetre or two to your feet whilst you use them so if your shoes are already snug on the tops of your feet then you may find the fit is a little tight.

Walking around with the soles in place is an unusual experience at first and you’ll be very aware that they’re there. As you walk along and put pressure on the soles the gel inside moves around to cushion the ball or sole of your foot and there’s even a little resting point for your toes. This helps to act as a cushion as you walk and is designed to relieve pressure. The back of the pack also claims it will help 18 different ailments and injuries including knee pain, gout, bunions, sciatica and arthritis.

What they don’t mention is that the gel soles also act as a fantastic little mini massager. On my first trip out I quickly discovered that by rocking back and forth on my feet the gel would move around and create a soothing feeling. Best of all as this is going on inside your trainers (so long as you don’t sway) everyone else will be totally oblivious to your massaging antics which only makes it all the more enjoyable.

Although I didn’t notice any significant pain relief in my trials, I didn’t have any to start with so it’s hard to comment. What I did notice was that the bizarre feeling of walking around with gel under my feet started to subside towards the end of my one week test and the gel itself seemed softer the more I used it. I’d imagine that eventually you won’t notice the gel soles at all and with no squelchy noise it’s unlikely anyone else will either. Which is great as it means you can get on with your life without having to worry about aches and pains.

To order your own Gel Soles visit Walk Pain and don’t forget to tell them Blagman sent you for a £10 discount.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bought some gel soles at the london golf show this weekend ....
amazing , like walking on water

9:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bought some of theses from the ideal homee show . at first i was not sure but it help ease my gout pain . not bad.

9:10 AM

Blogger Blagman said...

Thanks for the comments guys, good to see they're going down well! It also seems like a busy weekend for consumer shows...

9:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

gel soles...i have tried them i am not sure but my wife who is a hairdresser and on her feet all day said she will not go to work without them.....well done

7:52 PM


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