Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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British Seaside Holidays Memorabilia Pack

Product Number: 131
How much: £4.95 RRP
Where can I buy one: The Memorabilia Pack Company

Remember the good old days? When trips to the seaside involved more than lobbing stones at the nearest nuclear waste container? When camping trips had an imposed silence at 11.45pm to keep future ASBO kids quiet? Or when ‘saucy postcards’ were more sexist than anything you could now see on MTV?

See what I mean? Well the Memorabilia Pack Company certainly remember those times well and are on standby to give you a quick dose of instant nostalgia with one of their themed packs. Alongside the above seaside frollies they offer packs with World War I, RAF, steam train and vintage household memorabilia as well. Rather humorously their website also offers ‘old line’ stock (which includes products they no longer produce) which given the vintage nature of all of their stock made me chuckle.

For this review I’ll focus my attention firmly on the “British Seaside Holidays” pack which includes a number of trinkets from the bygone era. The whole thing comes packaged in a small plastic wallet and makes a perfect small gift for anyone who wants to take a trip back in time and can’t afford a Tardis. Speaking of the Tardis there’s definitely an element of the pack seeming ‘much bigger on the inside’ and as you open it up all manner of fascinating memorabilia is yours to explore.

In my pack I received:

4 postcards: Alongside the traditional saucy postcard were further images of sandy beaches, pools filled to the brim with people, a Punch and Judy show, donkey rides and generally a lot of very pale tourists! By far the most nostalgic part of the package is that some postcards include writing on the back: one of which included a detailed run down of a train journey and the other was from a little girl in hospital (which I've got to admit it felt a little bit intrusive to be reading!).

'By Coach to the Seaside' Book: A short children’s story proclaiming the joys of bus journeys. In this case a rather long bus journey which stops for both a picnic and a trip to a café. Who says kids today eat more than they used too?

Prestatyn Holiday Camp leaflet: A fantastically colourful leaflet complete with the sights of a typical seaside. Classic hairstyles, comedy bathing suits, all white matching tennis outfits. And more donkey rides!

Butlins Entertainment Guide: Now this seems like a value for money night out. This leaflet for a typical Butlin’s week of entertainment includes a complete line up of three orchestras, 2 entertainers, a singer, a pianist, some dancers and a table top competition. There’s even a photo of the local ‘camp comedians’ strangling each other. And they say comedy today is tasteless!

Other items of interest include a crazy golf card and newspaper clippings although my personal favourite has to be a bingo card complete with the message “Few things are as expensive as those we try to get for nothing”…. If that isn’t a slogan for then I don’t know what is.

To join me down memory lane visit The Memorabilia Pack Company and explore the complete range.

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