Monday, March 19, 2007

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Worms Crazy Golf

Product Number: 113
Where can I buy it: Text 'Crazy' to 88188

Love them or hate them there’s no denying that train journeys certainly allow you to meet a mixture of different people. On my last journey this ranged from an annoying woman that was bragging prodly on her mobile about her ability to pull an 18 year old at the age of 28 to screaming children with an obsession with gangsta rap. Despite being severely irritated I opened up my phone, headed to the entertainment option and soon found a way to drown them all out of existence.

The game in question was Worms Crazy Golf, the latest continuation to the hugely popular Worms franchise. Known in the 1990s as the funniest and most original game at the time ‘Worms’ pitted a team of worms against each other in a bout of war. To attack your opponents you could use a mixture of weapons such as bazookas, cows, grannies and holy hand grenades. To tone down the violence bright colours were used throughout and everything was given a very satirical edge to add to the fun.

Skip forward to the 21st century and the Worms licence has been somewhat diminished thanks to a range of 3D versions which lost much of the fun of the 2D originals. Trying to bring back some of this fun comes Worms Crazy Golf, a stripped down version of ‘Worms’ which has you attempting to hit a grenade to a poor worm strapped to a flag post. Whilst it’s sad to see the loss of cows and other interesting weapons there’s no denying that this cut down version is absolutely perfect for mobiles.

First of all it’s turn based with no annoying timer, which means you can take as long as you need to perfect a shot. There’s also no annoying loading screens once you’re in to the game and even when engaging in a 4 player battle (on a single phone) play is lighting fast with no delays switching between players. This helps to keep play entertaining and means you can slip in an out of a game to answer that all important business call … well if you can stop playing that is…

In a surprisingly generous move for a mobile phone game there’s 27 holes across 3 courses (with a circus theme, water hazard theme and snow theme) which can be played in both Amateur or Pro modes. Amateur simply tasks you with setting the right angle and power to get to the goal whilst Pro introduces the idea of wind to make everything that little bit more difficult. To add to the challenge even further you’ll need to beat the par for each course before the next one is unlocked, which is no easy task given the game’s ability to randomly switch from relaxing courses to water filled nightmares.

To stop one level destroying your play too much each level has a shot limit of 12, and with a par of anything from 3 to 9 you’re given the ability to score everything from a quadruple birdie to a quadruple bogie! Later the game even adds multiple paths to the goal – usually one that relies on skill and one that relies on luck- which help to make things even more challenging (or cruel depending on your perspective).

Of course at times this can make the game feel a little unfair, but with a decent angle and shot meter it’s all up to you. In essence then Worms Crazy Golf is a fantastically fun game, that although at times frustrating is ultimately rewarding. Seek it out!

To get Worms Crazy Golf on your phone text 'Crazy' to 88188. (Ancient Britney Spears/ Melissa Joan Hart music video not included).

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