Monday, March 05, 2007

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The Triskelion Pendant

Product Number: 105
How much: £37.60
Where from: Ancient
Where can I buy one Implosion

It’s not every day I get to review jewellery, and it’s definately not every day I get to review jewellery filled with water but from the second I heard about it I knew it was something I wanted to see.

The product comes from the team at Implosion who seem to be researching a vast number of novel uses for water including ways to increase soil fertility, the freshness of food and even to relieve pain. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they next turned their attention to solving world hunger as they seem to have attempted everything else.

In any case, the Triskelion pendant comes from their Ancient Sources collection which encompasses a range of hand crafted copper jewellery, all of which includes water (Not that you’ll really be aware of this fact as no matter how hard you shake the pendant you won’t hear a single drop of water sloshing about inside). The reasoning behind adding this water links back to ancient therapeutic lore on healing water and there’s also the supposed healing properties of copper to factor in as well.

Whilst I can’t account for any magical healing occurring so far I did find that the pendant doubled up as a surprisingly effective ‘Good Luck’ charm. My experiment with the pendant took place during a typical game of old favourite Mario Kart in which myself and Marie were working on the same team to complete a series of cups. After spending about an hour or so failing miserably we spotted the pendant and decided it couldn’t hurt to give it a quick touch for good luck,

And here’s the magical thing …. It worked!

10 minutes later and we were the proud owners of a solid gold cup in honour of our victory. Now the cynics amongst you may argue that our victory was down to the random nature of Mario Kart and its seemingly unpredictable array of banana skins and red shells which can turn victory in to calamity at a seconds notice, but for those true believers this will only serve as a beacon of hope for everyone who has ever slipped on a pair of lucky pants.

Even if you don’t believe all of that stuff there’s no denying that the collection includes some unique pieces such as earrings, torcs, armlets and rings, and you can even add a layer of silver (£10 more) or gold (£20 more) on top for even more good luck.

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