Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Reader Q+A

What is Blagman.co.uk?
What can you offer me?
Is the site really free?
How can I trust your reviews?
How can I become a sidekick?
How can I get more involved in Blagman.co.uk?

What is Blagman.co.uk?
Blagman.co.uk was started in August 2006 by Mike Essex, who set on a quest to see if he could get 100 products for free simply by asking nicely. This quest was born from the term ‘blagging’ which is when people attempt to get something for nothing. Since that initial quest the site has transformed in to a forum for unique new products and still sticks to its initial premise of only reviewing products which are given to Mike for free. The flip side of this is that all a company has to do to get featured is to donate a product, put their feet up and wait for an honest review.

“Solar Powered wheelchair? Paprika flavour beer? Really, it's true - Blagman will review absolutely anything. Brutally honest but always a great guinea pig, Blagman is an exceptionally random and charming website.”
Charlotte Clark, Account Manager, Way To Blue

What can you offer me?
By exposing anything from games to gadgets, toys to toiletries and food to fashion we make sure that three times a week you’re given a dose of the latest, most original products out on the market today. For everything from possessed toys to pizza makers and even kitchen sinks we truly offer original content.

How can I trust your reviews?
Unlike traditional websites that only review a narrow set of products (DVD sites review DVD’s, video game sites review video games etc) we review absolutely anything which in truth means we answer to no one. We have no corporate sponsor to keep happy and if a client is unhappy with a review we can continue without their support. In essence this means we can be brutally honest in every instance.

How can I get something for free?
Most potential blaggers believe that ‘blagging’ is about getting ‘something for nothing’ which is in many ways a false view. No one will give something away without any perceivable benefit and it’s because of this that before you go on the hunt for freebies you’ll first need to decide what it is that you can offer which will convince someone to give you something for free. At Blagman.co.uk for example, Mike receives free products in return for exposing them to the world, but you don’t need a blog to get freebies, just a perceivable benefit. If for example you’re a huge fan of cheese, then why not contact a big cheese company and ask for a sample? They’d no doubt love to move you over to their brand…

How can I become a sidekick?
A much easier way of getting something for free is to sign up as one of our sidekicks. Every few months Mike runs a competition asking for sidekicks who will then receive a mystery product for free and then be given the chance to share their opinions with the world. Keep your eyes on the main page for more details.

How can I get more involved in Blagman?
Tell your friends about us, leave a comment on a product review, start an email flying around your office or even join our facebook group where you can chat to likeminded blaggers.

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I was thinking, surely you need your book reviewing, and what would Blagman do? Well I'd be more than happy to review a copy of your book. I would not charge you a penny for my services, of course I do need a copy of your book to review. So please let me know if you have a copy knocking about, which you would like reviewing and we can sort something out.


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