Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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The Pizza Maker

Product Number: 106
How much: £49.99
Where can I buy one: Pizza

Occasionally I meet someone who has a real passion for a product. Someone that goes beyond the press release and really grabs my attention with a fantastic product pitch that’s delivered with real passion. Marco at ‘Pizza @ Home’ is one of these people, and it was his detailed rundown of The Pizza Maker at Spring Fair which made me absolutely 100 per cent sure it was a product I’d like to try.

Of course he was helped somewhat by our shared love of Pizza and his great accent but I was also intrigued by his broad product statements: An oven that can cook pizza’s in 5 minutes and takes only a minute to clean? Needless to say I was captivated by the idea.

With my mind firmly on board I got in touch with the ‘Pizza @ Home’ team and requested a sample to try the product out for myself. Once it arrived all I had to do to set the unit up was slip in a tray and plug it in. Simple. In terms of the trays there’s a standard stone tray which is used for cooking pizzas and a deep dish tray which you can use for eggs, chips, bacon or anything else you fancy.

The Pizza Maker oven is best enjoyed by making your own pizza from scratch but for the time conscious amongst you, it’ll work equally well if you slot in a pre made pizza. In my case I opted for a Sainsbury’s cheese and tomato pizza (80p) for the base with mushrooms (30p), a dash of extra cheese (30p) and pepperoni (50p) for the toppings. A quick calculation and that makes £1.90 which is a awful lot cheaper than a typical takeaway Pizza.

In terms of cooking, my Pizza did in fact only take 5 minutes to make although I should add that I pre heated the oven for 5 minutes before starting so technically that’s 10 minutes overall. The oven also comes with adjustable heat settings in case you want to cook the Pizza on a lower heat or simply want to reheat some leftovers. Using the unit couldn’t really be simpler and all you need to do is lift up a lid, place in your Pizza with the provided wooden paddles, and close the lid.

Once cooked my finished master piec-za looked and tasted as good as Marco had led me to believe. Not only did the Pizza taste better than the majority of Takeaway pizzas, the product itself completely lived up to the expectations he had put in place. Best of all it’s a great way to use up any excess food you have in the house, all you need is a cheese and tomato base and a little imagination. Every student should buy one of these immediately and if you’re struggling to buy the man who has everything something for the next occasion then you may as well give up your search right now and buy one of these.

In terms of cleaning all you need to do is wipe down the edges of the unit and the dish with a paper towel. The manual warns not to get the stone dish wet although I’m at a loss as to any other way to remove any excess reside so it’s really a judgement call. After wetting mine a few times I haven’t noticed any problems and it’s definitely a lot cleaner.

As if creating an excellent Pizza Maker isn’t enough the ‘Pizza @ Home’ team are a company after my own heart for one other reason: Freebies! Not only do you get the aforementioned wooden paddles includes there’s also a free apron and pizza cutter included all for under fifty quid. Mamma Mia!

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