Friday, March 30, 2007

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Nissan Pathfinder

At the start of February at around 1:04pm I set about contacting as many car companies as I could in the hope one of them would provide me with a car for free. I tried everything from car dealerships to heads of marketing all to no success, and then from out of nowhere came a magical email from none other than Bruce, Wayne. Call it divine superhero invention but he agreed to send me over the latest Nissan Pathfinder, not simply for a test drive but to keep forever….

Name: Nissan Pathfinder
Product Number: 121
How much: £25,595
Where can I buy one: Nissan

Yes the car you see constantly every time you just want to sit down and watch 24 is now parked mere inches away from me. The first thing that stuck me when the Nissan Pathfinder arrived (aside from the “oh my god I’ve been sent a car” factor) was the striking metallic gray shine on the car itself. Incredibly reflective and guaranteed to stop passers by it’s an iconic color that makes the car seem far bigger than it is.

Moving around to the front of the car I was again captivated by its intense striking lights, metallic bumper and even the sexy little Nissan logo on the front of the car. If passers by are impressed by the overall color of the car at first glance then as soon as they see the front they’ll be straight to the local dealers begging for their own.

As you’d expect from such a well designed car the tires are equally impressive and are designed to handle every ounce of 4x4 action you throw at them. That’s not to mention the chrome hub caps, or the excellent design on the tire tracks which really help to cement the ‘design icon’ image of the car.

Those of you worried that the Nissan Pathfinder may be a little bigger than your’re expecting will also be pleased to know that there’s a handy step on the side of the car to allow for easy access. There’s also the option to install up to 7 seats within the car. On top of that there’s a sunroof and roof rails thrown in so you’ll be ready no matter where you travel.

Then there’s the fantastic interior and the excellent handling which I’d love to tell you about aside from one small problem….

I can’t fit inside the car.

Sure we’re a little early for April fools but we really did receive a car model from “Wayne Bruce” at Nissan (which appeared as the excellent “Bruce, Wayne” in my inbox). And if we'd updated on a Sunday I'm sure a few of you would have smelled a rat! If you were fooled for a second then that only helps to highlight the excellent quality of these models from For those that fancy a real Nissan Pathfinder then head over to Nissan to browse the complete range.

See you next week when I try to gain back my credibility with some serious reviews about the best way to handle messy wires and out of control pipes.

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