Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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Jewellery Jolly

As everyone likes a bit of shiny stuff from time to time I’ve decided to provide a quick roundup of some of the latest precious things to enter my lair.

Name: Big Cold Turkey Silver Cuff Bracelet
Product Number: 118
How much: £28
Where can I buy one: Big Cold

To start things off there’s the exceptionally shiny Silver Cuff bracelet from Big Cold For those who missed my review back in January, The Big Cold Turkey is a small kit perfectly designed for helping you on your way to quit just about anything. Included in the kit was a small wrist band which I described as a “fashion icon for 2007” as it allowed you to attach small trophies to highlight how many days you had avoided your previous vice.

For those who have been giving up something for lent I now present you with the ideal reward. Crafted in sterling silver the ‘Silver Cuff Bracet’ helps to emphasise your strong willpower more than ever before and even comes with the added bonus of being inscribed with “I’m a strong turkey” so you will never have any doubt of your achievement. Ideally designed for those who have gone through the entire 42 days of the Cold Turkey kit there’s no reason why ‘Lent-ees’ can’t give themselves a little reward when they finish either.

Name: Taro Bracelet
Product Number: 119
How much: £2.90 (trade price)
Where can I buy one: Design

For those of you who don’t want to earn their jewellery there’s the much simpler solution of opting for Design Six’s range. Sadly it would be simple if not for their trade supplier status, but as before if you really want to buy their products a quick phone call to your local jewellers should be enough to persuade them to get their kit in stock…

The Taro bracelet is a perfect example of a Design Six product which is crying out for you to hunt it down by whatever means necessary. Not only does it look great and go well with my previous prediction that blue will be this summer’s colour of choice but it’s also springy! That’s right, if you pull on the bracelet you’ll see it’s as stretchy and fun as a humble slinky. Get bored watching your girlfriend try on jewellery? Then this is the perfect solution to entertain yourself.

Name: Chase Bracelet
Product Number: 120
How much: £5.60 (trade price)
Where can I buy one: Design

Less springy, but even more likely to make your girlfriend smile with glee is the Chase Bracelet which we received in lilac (although it’s also available in turquoise to match both the Taro bracelet and the previously reviewed Thorpe Necklace. As with everything else you see in today’s review it’s something that practically reviews itself and with a mixture of pebble and gemstone style shapes it’s the perfect Easter gift for your loved one if they’re fed up of chocolate.

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