Friday, March 09, 2007

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Heinz Reduced Sugar and Salt Tomato Ketchup

Product number: 107
How much: £1.59
Where can I buy one: Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s etc

Aside from the occasional foray in to crisps I’ve managed to maintain a pretty good reputation for healthy eating. Having reviewed everything from Slim.Fast to apples to low fat curry it’s now the turn of Heinz Ketchup to be given a healthier update with a reduction in its sugar and salt levels.

By reducing this salt and sugar Heinz have managed to squeeze an extra 90g of tomatoes in to every bottle which ultimately seems to make the ketchup offer a different texture and increased thickness over it’s old brother as can be seen in the photo below:

(Left: original, Right: new)

Now before you run off to Heinz headquarters ready to throw tomatoes at their windows in disgust I should point out that Heinz promise that this new bottle tastes exactly the same as their old ketchup. To put this to the test I fried up a frittata, and whacked on a dollop of both Heinz new ketchup and the more traditional ketchup. Aside from my horrible tasting frittata (1 week old eggs don’t make good food) I couldn’t spot any concernable difference in taste between the two. Now put those tomatoes away….

As for the difference in texture it’s really very minor and if anything actually helps the sauce to slide easier out of the bottle. Really then there’s no reason not to switch over from the Heinz ketchup of old to this newer healthier variant. Nothing has been added to toy with the classic formula (well aside from a few more tomatoes) and it still tastes exactly the same.

And err that’s about it really…

Oh and the bottle is the same too…

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