Friday, March 16, 2007

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Füri Knife and Sharpener

Product: Füri 7” East/ West Knife
Product Number: 111
How much: £59.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: Kitchen Monger

Growing up I always had a bit of an unusual fear of sharp knives. This was such a fear that if I had to cut anything at all I’d always resort to a standard knife like the one you’d use for your dinner. I eventually grew out of this fear as soon as I realised I’d have to start cooking for myself and that a standard knife really wasn’t going to cut it’s way through much at all. Now having just bared witness to the sharpest knife I’ve even used I almost feel sorry for my younger self and his naivety. Over time I’ve evolved from a standard knife to a cutting knife and now it’s time to evolve once again to a Füri knife.

You see there’s just no going back each time you evolve up to one of these sharper knives. The added simplicity of being able to cut quicker each time is far too alluring and in today’s time conscious world who really wants to spend any longer cutting that they absolutely have to? It also helps that each time you use a sharper knife you have to push down less which will no doubt cause less back strain and help to reduce the risk of later back pain! That’s two of life’s modern day crisis’s solved simply by making the upgrade…

Whilst there is a tad of jokiness in that last paragraph it is true that the Füri knife did make chopping my way through all manner of different objects a whole lot simpler. Everything from chicken, apples, mushrooms, cheese and even bananas met its wake. In fact I pretty much tried out the blade on any leftover food I had lying around and it handled everything marvellously. Case in point, check out the below apple for a remarkably smooth cut.

There’s also the satisfaction you get simply by using the knife. On removing it from its holder you’ll notice it makes an identical ‘scccrrr’ sound to that made by a samurai warrior’s sword when it’s removed from its holder. That’s not just a coincidence either, it’s because the blade is so finely sharpened that it can’t help but make the noise. There’s also the way the blade has been finely balanced at each end to make chopping a breeze and the perfect combination of West and East knife designs to create something that will prove essential in any kitchen.

Product: Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener
Product Number: 112
How much: £24.99
Where can I buy one: Kitchen Monger

Despite the fact the East / West knife comes with an edge sharp enough to cut just about anything there’s bound to be a time when it’ll lose it’s edge after long periods of use. That’s where the Ozitech knife sharpener comes in, and with it’s diamond fingers it aims to turn just about any knife from James Blunt to Pat Sharp. To use it all you need to do is slide the knife in-between the edges 4-6 times and you’re done.

Having just received a brand new knife from Füri I felt it was a little unfair to use that for the product test so instead I resorted to one of my older knives to see if it could regain some of its former glory. Sharpening the knife certainly sounded impressive with a “kkssccchh” noise that probably aroused a few suspicions amongst my neighbours. Turning my old knife to a nearby apple I found it definitely made a much deeper cut than before, although no matter how much I sharpened it the Füri still had the overall edge…

For more Furi head over to a Kitchen Monger store or if you’re a retailer then Eddingtons have all the stock you need.

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