Monday, March 26, 2007

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The Diablo

Product Number: 117
How much: £19.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: Kitchen Monger

Toasted sandwiches were an absolute must whenever I visited my grandparents. Each time I visited we’d concoct all manner of bizarre creations including baked beans, cheese, eggs (and anything else that was lying around) in to something that was utterly disgusting to look at but tasted absolutely fantastic. Thinking that I’d outgrown this childish curiosity I was baffled to find it returned the second I set eyes on ‘The Diablo’.

In essence ‘The Diablo’ is a toaster which you place on the hob to create all manner of creations. More than just a humble sandwich toaster it also allows you the pleasure of using rye, pita breads, tortillas and pastry to create even more advanced creations than I ever thought possible as a child. To get your mind flowing a list of recipes is included that teach you how to make pizza, burittos, and even apple pies.

Whilst it may appear small in size ‘The Diablo’ is actually just about right for you to squeeze in two normal sized pieces of bread and to go nuts. To test it out I opted for the most traditional option on the menu: “Old Nick’s Normal” or as it’s known to you and me: A ham and cheese toastie. Urged by the recipie to “pile the ingredients high”, I did just that and was surprised to find no run off when cooking.

One issue I did have during cooking was that the unit seemed relatively unstable on my hob due to its heavy handle. In fact after leaving the device on the hob I noticed it was starting to lean over with one side becoming more cooked than the other. To resolve this I think it’s best to ensure you place ‘The Diablo’ in the middle on the hob and place the handle over a flat top service, but it’s an issue that really sure be resolved in future versions of the product.

Aside from that issue cooking was a pretty simple process and required me to flip the device over every couple of minutes and to occasionally open it to check how everything was cooking. As you can open the device either side up it’s easy to check for a perfectly cooked sandwich on both sides and cleaning the device took all of 10 seconds. Compare this to the nightmare that is cleaning traditional toasted sandwich makers and you’ve got a significant advantage.

Aside from that, the taste difference isn’t huge compared to traditional toasted sandwich makers and so it’s essentially going to come down to how much you want to experiment. If you simply want the ability to cook two plain toasted sandwiches at once then you should stick to the more standard models. But if like me, you had a childhood of pilling on unusual toppings and you’re curious to try out the possibilities with different types of bread then this is a perfect way to appease your playful imagination!

To buy The Diablo head over to a Kitchen Monger store or if you’re a retailer then Eddingtons have all the stock you need.

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