Monday, March 12, 2007

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Design Six Range

Ladies and Gentlemen (well mostly ladies) I present you with a double dose of jewellery from Design Six ready to captivate your hearts and tempt your wallets and purses (well mostly purses…). Enjoy!

Name: Thorpe Necklace
Product Number: 108
How much: £2.90 (trade price)

Let it not be said that we don’t traverse every available channel to bring you reviews of the most unique products on the market. Whilst Design Six only supply to trade customers they were happy to provide us with some of their key products to help us share our views. And why not? After all we’re all potential customers here and if we march in to a jewellery store tomorrow demanding Design Six then I’m pretty sure they’ll order in a few items. So if the Thorpe Necklace takes your fancy why not try giving your local store a push? (Or if you’re in the trade business yourself click here to find out how you can order!)

In any case, with that out of the way it’s time we took a look at the build quality of the product. Although you may not expect much for the £2.90 price tag it’s actually remarkably well made, The blue stones at the bottom of the necklace all sparkle radiantly in the light and really capture the essence of a sea breeze remarkably well. There’s also the added promise of blue becoming this summers must have colour (trust me on this) and it’s likely this’ll go incredibly well with anything with a gaping neckline. There’s also the way the necklace double loops so you get the added effect of not one, but two sets of pearly charms to wow any prospective passers by.

Name: Nova Ring
Product Number: 109
How much: 95p (trade price)

If a picture can speak a thousand words then I think the above photo pretty much says it all. Nova Rings may look rather different (and with Marie away on holiday my hand probably isn’t the best model) but you’ve got to admit they do have potential. Rather uniquely resembling something from the underwater tropics the rings consist of a hard spiky top (which thankfully won’t prick you or anyone else that touches it) and a stretchy band to slip the ring on to your finger. As a plus the stretchy band ensures they’re one size fits all and with the sparkle of the top likely to entice a few looks who knows, it just might work….

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