Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Abbey Horn 'Caviar' Spoon

Product Number: 110
How much: £4.73 (+£3.00 P&P)
Where can I buy one: Abbey

In the past few months I’ve managed to break not one, but two spoons on a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I’m not entirely sure why, although it may have something to do with the fact they came from a dusty corner of Wilkinson’s, but in any case I was delighted to receive a brand new spoon from Abbey Horn to help increase my cutlery draw some way towards its former glory.

As the name dictates Abbey Horn products are made from natural horn (stop snickering in the back!) and before I get a slew of hate mail I’d like to add that’s the horn of non-endangered species. Everything is made as a natural product of the stuff left over by the meat industry, so the WWF won’t be coming down to your house demanding you pay a hefty fine.

With that safely out of the way, and everyone’s fears put to rest I’ll turn your attention to the spoon itself. The PR blerb suggests that to get the full effect of the spoon you should compare it with a metal spoon in a similarly tasting product. With ice crème already proving an arch nemesis of many a spoon in my house I decided there would be no fairer test, and I set about constructing my taste test.

First I decided to test the resilience of the spoon by sticking in straight in to the ice crème as soon as it was removed from the fridge. The traditional metal spoon slid right in to the ice crème without so much as problem thanks to it’s rounded top. As for the Abbey Horn spoon it struggled to get in to the tub for the first few minutes, and I was genuinely concerned that pushing down with force would have snapped it in half.

Once the ice crème settled it was then I began to spot a couple of advantages to our horn made spoon. For one thing the horn spoon didn’t get anywhere near as cold as its metal brother and eating the ice crème left significantly less of a tingling sensation in my mouth. As for the taste difference there’s definitely something there, although I can’t really put my finger on the exact difference and it’s really going to come down to personal preference which you prefer.

Those of you put off by the spoons small size should bear in mind that Abbey Horn make these little guys in a variety of sizes and that my sample is actually intended for use with eggs or caviar. Now if only I could get some free caviar….

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