Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Super Mop Pro

Product Number: 101
How much: £9.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: JML, ASDA, Woolworths and Wilkinson.

Isn’t that just the best name you’ve ever heard of for a mop? It reminds me instantly of old school gaming titles such as Super Mario World and Super Metroid which filled my childhood with many a happy memory. Of course in those days Super was added to the title simply to differentiate the games from their older counterparts on earlier video game systems. It was a way of showing that you were about to enjoy something totally new that you’d never seen before, and perhaps that’s why JML chose ‘Super’ for their new mop…

After all a quick glance at the above photo quickly indicates that we’re in slightly different territory to the usual ‘straggly hair’ style mop you’ve probably got tucked away in a cupboard under the stairs. Okay, well perhaps it’s tucked away in an ironing cabinet instead. But the point still remains, there’s definitely something a little ‘Super’ about this mop.

One quick test later and I soon realised what made the head so special. Rather than having hundreds of little fibres the Super Mop Pro includes one giant head which soaks all of the water in to one central rectangular store. This is great for three reasons. The first being that when you wish to apply the water all you simply have to do is lay the mop on the floor and push in a straight line. A little bit of pressure is all it takes to get the water to come out and the fact you can clean in a straight line rather then wherever the mop wants to take you is a godsend.

The second advantage comes from the mop’s fantastic absorbency. I’m no floor mopping expert and as a result whenever I clean the floor I end up nearly flooding the kitchen with excess water which my standard mop simply won’t pick up. This generally results in me having to leave the water to dry which can take hours. The Super Mop Pro on the other hand quickly picked up all of this excess water and made it so I could set foot in to my kitchen again within a matter of minutes.

Last of all we come to the mysterious handle half way up the mop, which is used to empty the water from the absorbent head. When you pull the handle the head is scrunched together and the water comes pooring out. A couple of pulls later and the mop will be all dried out. When I tested my sample I actually found it was so dry that I didn’t even need a bucket to store it in after I was finished.

That’s not to mention that you can extend and reduce the size of the mop to your personal preference or that the head is also great for picking up excess dirt and bits of food.


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