Friday, February 16, 2007

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Spring Fair 2007 Part 2

I should probably warn you upfront that today’s update is going to get more than a little bizarre. If you thought some of the last free samples in my Spring Fair round up were a bit strange then you really haven’t seen anything yet. I’ve saved the best product for last but for now all I can do is look on and shake my head. Normal (less bizarre) service will resume on Monday and next week I will reveal my 100th blag! See you then…

I’ll start with something a little more normal to get the ball rolling with these greetings cards from Avanti. Four cards were enclosed in my press pack including an extreme close-up of a Bulldog, a baby picking its nose, a duck about to jump in to a bowl of water and an old couple engaging in a spot of arm wrestling. Ok, so I guess these cards aren’t that normal after all but at least they’re well made and sure to lure a smile from anyone that sees them. Sadly you can’t buy these cards directly from Avanti but if you’d like your local card retailer to get some in stock then tell them to head over to Avanti

When I first saw this sample I thought it was nothing more than a free toy flower, but a quick look at the top of the flower soon revealed that it had something hid in its centre. Eager to find out what this hidden gem was I tugged away and to my surprise found a pair of tiny babies socks. It turns out this wasn’t just some unique press promotion and that the team at Baby actually sell all of their baby socks in this way. More adventurous customers can also order bouquets including baby sleep suits, bodysuits, socks and a hat. It’s the most eccentric thing I’ve seen in a while but I absolutely love the presentation of these products and would encourage anyone in need of a gift for a newborn baby to head over to the Baby Blooms garden.

Ever dropped your food on the floor at a BBQ? Or do you simply tire of eating from soggy plastic plates at picnics? Then worry no more for the ‘plastic plate’ is here! Just like its name the team at AAV Plastic Design have created … a plastic plate. That solves the sogginess issue but what about the worry of holding a plate with one hand at BBQs and a beer in the other? Well there’s a handy slot for your beer or wine glass and the whole thing can be held with just one hand. Just make sure you don’t look at your watch when someone asks you the time or it’ll be the last you see of your bacon buttie.

At first I thought this bizarre toy was some sort of dwarfish Santa but it turns out it’s actually modelled on ’Tomtars’. The story goes that when these tomtars were scared by the perils of everyday life they would pull their caps down to hide their face. While I still have no idea what tomtars are I can at least picture a tiny nose and beard on the figure and can even relate to their fears of every day life. I still think it looks like Santa though.

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