Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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Spring Fair 2007 Part 1

It may only be two weeks since I packed my bags and headed to London for Toy Fair 2007 but that didn’t stop me from loading up on business cards and heading to the Birmingham NEC last Sunday to hunt down the best new products about to hit the market. With over 2000 companies and 20 halls rammed to the edges with stands ranging from jewellery, toys, home, garden and kitchen appliances the show was definitely hectic, but as always I endeavoured to bring you the best of the free samples on offer at the show:

After spending half of the show consisting on nothing but a half eaten chicken and leek slice and a few various free sweets I was pleasantly surprised when the generous standees on the stand offered me any cookie from their stand to review on the site. After browsing their various mothers day, Easter and wedding cookies I stumbled upon the above delicious looking bear and decided to give him a good home in my belly. It was then I realised that with no cameras allowed in the show I’d have to bring the bear all the way home to make this update. It seemed my growling appetite would have to wait till later. When I eventually got round to eating the bear I found it was sweet and delicious, and made all the better by a hint of vanilla or ginger. Sadly if you fancy one yourself it seems you’ll have to order 20 all at once from their site but if you’re an International Man of Mystery and you’ve got that many valentines to satisfy then you may as well put in a bulk order right away.

Within the surprisingly comfy press area I stumbled upon this little guy attached to an article from TY Beanies. Sat there all on his own in amongst various piles of paper and CD’s he seemed keen to escape from the madness around him so I gladly took him home. The toy itself is soft and keeps its shape well thanks to the various ‘beans’ inside him. Rather oddly gravity seems to have dragged the beans inside him to a rest right at his bottom which gives him an identical ‘spare-tire’ look to his TV Equivalent.

With two potential valentines day presents beside me I was even more surprised to be given a set of cards for free by the guys over at Cards Sadly I doubt Marie would appreciate a card with a golfer or a lion on it but I’m sure a lot of people out there would love these high quality photo cards. The cards themselves are available in a pack of 5 for £5 and by far and away the best feature of their site is that you can even submit your own photos to a public vote. If they win they’ll be available form the store in the future and can then be purchased by people all over the UK. Perfect for anyone that sees themselves as a budding photographer.

Lastly here’s something for the kitchen from OXO Good Grips. As anyone who has ever tried to make a mango smoothie will agree, chopping up Mangos is an absolute nightmare thanks to the seed right in the middle. To get around this all you need to do is put the Mango Splitter on top and push down. Just make sure the Mango is fresh and hard otherwise you’ll end up simply squashing the mango, which as I just found out can lead to a very sticky kitchen floor.

Don’t forget to check back next week for Part 2 including baby socks, a peculiar toy, and the most innovative plate you’ll see all year. As with Toy Fair I’ll be bringing you bigger reviews of any products I receive after the show, the first of which will be up on Friday and is by far the most useful product so far!

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