Friday, February 09, 2007

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simplehuman Swing Top Bin

Where From: The simplehuman store
How Much: £75 RRP

One of the best aspects of the Spring Fair was the ability to see products that have a real practical application in your own home. To really push this point home the stands at the show had chefs preparing gourmet meals with various different brands, stands that looked like living rooms and even stands that looked like small gardens. For the simplehuman stand however, all they needed was the products themselves, because as soon as you saw them you could immediately imagine them in your own home.

Take the swing top bin for example; it’s an elegant looking design which immediately lends itself well to your kitchen set up. It doesn’t matter what bin you’ve got already, everything seems to look just a little bit outdated when placed in comparison to this token of style. In my case it took less than a second for me to imagine the sample replacing my smaller blue plastic bin, but really there was no contest. Five minutes later and my blue bin had been hidden out of the way and replaced by this newer sleeker model.

Unlike my standard issue blue bin the simplehuman model required a very small bit of assembly on arrival. Thankfully all this amounted to was placing a lid on top of the bin and squashing a bin liner down the side. One benefit of having the bin come in separate components is that it makes cleaning far easier, you simply lift out a smaller bin inside the main bin and then clean this instead. It may seem like a little touch but given the weight of the main unit itself you’ll be thankful for it when the time comes.

Then there’s the screw on top which resembles the swing bins you see at your local park. Although it might seem an odd choice for a kitchen set up the swing bin works surprisingly well as it has been moulded to make even the slightest push allow you easy access to dispose your rubbish. The only real downside of this is that it’s easy to leave smudges or runny food on top of the bin but that’s somewhat made up for by its wipe clean surface.

When the time comes to empty your rubbish you simply pop off the top and lift up the inner bin to release your bin bag. Because the bag is held firmly in place as you add your 55 litres of rubbish there’s a reduced risk of the bag falling down inside the bin. To round off the package the bin comes with a stainless steel finish which makes the whole thing incredibly heavy duty and generally nice to look at.

It’s not often I get to review a functional slice of everyday living, which is a shame as there’s nothing better than finding something new to show off in your home. The swing top bin is unfortunately no longer available but if you fancy a look at the rest of the range visit The simplehuman store.

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