Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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simplehuman Range

As promised here’s part two of my simplehuman roundup. Read on for kitchen holders, smelly stuff and cleaning mitts. Or if you want to buy some shining silver kitchen products of your own then head over to to browse the complete range.

Press ‘n’ Tear Paper Holder
How much: £19.99 RRP

As cars are such complex products it’s no surprise that they often come complete with one, two or even three year warranties just in case something goes wrong. Kitchen towel holders on the other hand have never been particularly error prone yet simplehuman offer a complete five year warranty on every single one of them just in case. Whilst that might seem like complete madness and corporate suicide it’s clearly the mark of a company that is proud of the build quality of its products and really wants to push that to its customers.

In terms of the ‘press-n-tear’ paper towel holder, with a similar stainless steel finish similar to the Swing Top Bin and more fantastic craftsmanship you know you’re in safe hands. As with all simplehuman kit there’s some innovation in there too thanks to a push down top which holds the kitchen roll in place so you can easily tear off a piece. Bizarrely our kitchen roll simply wasn’t tall enough for the top part to reach it but at least we had a very snazzy looking kitchen holder.

Microfibre Sponge Mitt
How much: £5.99

One of my main gripes about the Swing Top Bin was that it was really easy to leave smudges and food on the top of the bin. No doubt in anticipation of this kind of issue, simplehuman have created a mitt which you slip on your hand to allow for easy cleaning. All you do is run the mitt under some water and then wipe away.

As I’d hoped the mitt made quick work of any excess food juices that had managed to miss the bin and as it’s so quick to clean it can easily fit in to your washing up routine. For those who want their products to have a fantastic shine you can also use the dry side of the mitt to polish any steel surfaces including the rest of the bin.

Carbon filter
How much: £2.99 RRP for 2

Lets face it, bins smell. It’s a fact of life and there’s two obvious solutions. The first is to become a victim of habit and empty your bin three times a day, which although very efficient is definitely going to cut in on the time you’ve got to watch Alias reruns. The second strategy is to hide the smell until you’ve filled your bin to completion. Although this can be done with Ambi Pur kits which circulate a fragrant smell there’s still the issue of a smell when you get close to the bin itself.

Enter simplehuman with the simple solution of removing the smell entirely with a carbon filter which you fit directly to your bin. At £2.99 for 2 they’re an absolute bargain and when they run out all you need to do to ‘recharge’ then is leave them out in the sun for three hours. Solar powered smell filters? Genius.

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