Monday, February 19, 2007

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Product 100

And so I've made it. 99 unique products and 195 free samples later and now it’s time for product number 100. When I first started this 'quest' it was my goal to see if a normal bloke could receive 100 products for free simply by asking. This wasn't just a selfish pursuit however, and during the past 8 months I've bought you the low down on tons of products that have never been reviewed anywhere else. In that time I've also found myself meeting new people and ultimately trying new experiences every week. It's for that reason that this isn't the end of, but only the beginning!

With so many unique and unheard of products out there waiting for a savour my quest must continue ... and will continue later today with a multitude of updates including Product 100, a special comic and your chance to win something for nothing.

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