Monday, February 05, 2007

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Kellogg's Wheats

Not that I wish to play in to the hands of Kellogg’s marketing people but the trouble with their new ‘Wheats’ range is that “they taste too good”. And while that’s technically the slogan for Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes it’s just as relevant here as the following tale of woe and addiction will explain….

Everything started off relatively normal. I’d agreed with a Kellogg’s rep to review their new Raisin wheat’s cereal and was told they’d post a box over straight away. A couple of days later the box of raisin wheats arrived along with, chocolate wheats, frosted wheats and another box of raisin wheats to sweeten the deal. As you’d imagine these new cereals make fans of Shredded Wheat, Wheetos and Frosties feel right at home on name alone.

Feeling spurred on by their generosity and my childhood love of Wheetos I decided to indulge my sweet tooth and get started on the Chocolate Wheats. After tucking in to a generously full bowl and feeling very satisfied I set about watching the new series of 24. Around half way through that week’s mixture of deaths, torture and terrorists I started to get a rather unusual craving for a snack. With my Christmas chocolate finally depleted and a complete lack of crisps I turned to my new ally… Chocolate Wheats…

Returning to the show with box of chocolate wheats in hand I preceded to pluck away at the box with all the dignity and grace a couch potato can muster. After finishing a worrying portion of the box in no time at all and feeling slightly ashamed, I decided to hide the box away from my prying eyes. With my cravings satisfied I got on with my day and any thoughts of gouging myself on one hundred little wheat parcels seemed to have all but subsided.

As it approached dinner time I set about preparing a marvellous dinner of chicken ala pasta ready to set right the cravings I had indulged that morning. Unfortunately earlier that day I had stacked the Kellogg’s boxes right next to the stove and as the pasta boiled away my hands started creeping towards the Frosted Wheats, this time egged on by childhood memories of Frosties. Once again I found myself wanting these addictive parcels of wheat, and after spilling water on the stove and nearly burning the chicken my craving finally subsided.

I write this story not as a product review but instead as a warning so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself in to when you walk down the breakfast aisle. Don’t think you’ll get off easily with the raisin wheats either, while although they lack the ‘naughty boy’ factor of chocolate or sugar they will get you hooked when you roll out of bed each morning. You’ve been warned.

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