Monday, February 26, 2007

Grab Mat Review - Does it work?

Product Number: 103
How much: £3.99 RRP
Where can I buy one: JML, ASDA, Woolworths and Wilkinson.

The JML stands in Boots and Woolworth’s have always been a great source of mystery for me. Although many of their products such as slimming body suits, cooking trays, invisible bras and ice cream makers would attract a world of attention if they appeared up on for some reason I simply walk on by when I see their products in the shops.

I’m not sure why this is, and I’ve always found myself more likely to take a risk and try a new product if it’s something I see online, as opposed to something I see in a store. In many ways that’s why I’m glad I started as it helps me to toss those premonitions to one side and to simply try a new product without any worry whatsoever.

Take the Grab Mat for example, it’s a small, handy device which you place on your car dashboard to hold in place keys, money, sunglasses or just about anything you want to put in an easy to reach place. As it’s designed to peel on and off your dashboard easily you can also carry it around and use it on planes, trains or even a wobbly cruise liner.

As I don’t own a car I decided to recreate the turns and twists that the Grab Mat would go through on the average car journey by attaching it to a book and swinging it from side to side. For the full effect I even bumped the book up and down to emulate a speed bump. During my test I found the mat was very effective for items with flatter items such as coins and phones although it seemed far less effective for keys and glasses due to their smaller surface area.

So whilst we can agree that the Grab Mat is ultimately a very useful and practical device for less than a fiver, it’s still something I’d be unlikely to buy if I saw it in a shop. For some bizarre reason I’d probably waste my £5 instead on a dire DVD and as a consequence suffer the annoyance of having my keys slide round on the dashboard simply because I failed to listen to my curious side.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes it pays to gamble and to try something new. I have no doubt that the gadget stands in Boots contain all manner of useful items that could save me time and effort in the long run and perhaps maybe it’s time I listened to my curious side and took a look.


  1. Anonymous3:00 pm

    The grab mat is an excellent bit of kit, or so I thought. However, after several days of use, it loses its tactile qualities. The instructions suggest washing it. Forget it, once washed, you end up with a rather fetching blue rubber mini mouse mat which, as it is rubber, cannot be used as such. NO MATTER HOW TEMPTED YOU ARE, do not buy this item. Go for the dire DVD instead! At least you can re-use the case for a DVDR or something.

  2. Anonymous3:54 pm

    True these are not all they are cracked up to be, if you buy one every 3 months it will be fine, however as soon as the bacteria from coins gets on the mat it disintegrates into sticky mess, alss the suns rays dont help it.
    it needs a redesign in material that lasts longer than 3 months (but wheres the money in that)!other than that it's a good idea not quite there yet.

  3. Anonymous10:53 am

    I'd never buy another one !
    Have had mine in the car for approx 2 years and a few days ago i decided to remove it..... The underside has changed into a sticky mess which wouldnt peel off the dashbord without considerable effort and has now left a gunky tar like residue where it was that I cant remove and is an eyesore on the dashboard. I suspect prolonged contact and heat plus sun has effected the mat material changing it. If you have one in your car.... go take it out NOW!


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