Monday, February 12, 2007

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Ghost Rider Figure

Where from: Hasbro
How much: £9.99 RRP
Where can I buy one:

For some reason the Ghost Rider movie brings up many lingering questions in my mind: Can Nicolas Cage return to the heights of (the best action movie ever) ‘The Rock’? Will we be able to watch a whole movie with a talking flaming skull without laughing? Will the toys give away the plot or key fights in the movie*? And oddest of all, the question I found myself faced with last week; Is Ghost Rider better than Evel Knievel?

Whilst in real life Ghost Rider would simply touch Evel and he’d evaporate in to a pool of goo in the world of toys it’s an entirely different story. After taking the Ghost Rider figure out of its package I was immediately reminded of the Evel Knievel stunt set that I reviewed back in November. Keen to pit the two figures against each other I devised a series of challenges to see who really is the king of the road.

First of all I decided to look at the quality of the figures. All in all the Ghost Rider bike seemed a whole lot better thanks to its flaming wheels, demonic headlights and a skull headed rider. The figure also stands upright on its own so when you’re done playing with it you can add it to your desk as an action figure as well. If we compare this to Evel’s rather womanly figure Ghost Rider wins the first round without so much as taking a fiery breath.

We move then to speed, a key factor in winning any competition and an essential part of a rider’s arsenal. Whilst Evel Knievel contained a ramp to help your rider build up speed the Ghost Rider figure opts for the more traditional ripcord which you simply insert in to the figure and pull out in order to build up enough momentum to send the figure roaring across your carpet. Although this is noticeably quieter than the Evel set it can’t compare for speed.

In terms of distance both figures seem to be evenly matched, although with my room consisting of 90% carpet and a tiny flat surface in the kitchen I wouldn’t really consider this area to be a fair test. Poor carpeting aside both figures seem to go a long way and as Ghost Rider has added balance in his favour he’s likely to be the one to go the distance. (If anyone gets the figure and a long flat surface be sure to let me know how it works out…).

After deliberating all of these factors I came to one simple conclusion: get both! Mixing the ramps and tricks of the Evel stunt set with the extra stability of the Ghost Rider figure seems to be a match made in heaven, and if you simply want to pit Evel and Ghost Rider in a battle to the fiery death then you’ve got yourself a match made in hell. Take your pick.

(*For those interested in these things the Ghost Rider figure gave no clues as to what will happen in the movie itself, curses!)

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