Friday, February 23, 2007

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Bud Bucks

Product Number: 102
Where can I buy one: Bud

Free money must surely be the ultimate dream of any blagger, and in some ways that’s what I received last week from Budweiser when they sent over some test codes for their new site Bud Picking up where ‘Kit Kash’ left off, 'Bud Bucks' can be used to bid on a number of items such as ski trips, film festival tickets and digital cameras. If you win you simply hand over your dosh and your item is mailed straight to you.

To get promotional codes all you need to do is pick up a bottle of Budweiser from March and you’ll find a Bud Bucks code to enter on to the website. For testing purposes I received a measly 10 bud bucks which was just enough to attempt to win myself a £20 cinema voucher, although you can expect the bidding to go a lot higher than this once codes start appearing on bottles.

Once you’ve got your bud bucks registered you’re then taken to 'Bud Blvd' which includes a number of places to spend your virtual moolah, listen to money or simply watch Budweiser videos. There’s also an Arcade, which is due to open next month (which is a shame as it looks like it'll be the best bit) alongside a range of empty stores which Budweiser can fill as the site gets more popular.

Whilst navigation is relatively simple there are a range of annoying pop up men that appear from time to time to explain what each store does and how it works. Whilst this is fine the first time you enter the town it can become a little tiresome on repeat trips, especially when all you want to do is see if you’ve been out-bidded on an item. Stores also load bit by bit, which again is very cool initially but tiresome in the long run.

Of course it’s very hard to judge a website like this before a public community arrives and predicting its success is even more troublesome. There’s definitely some great stuff up for grabs so far and if Budweiser can keep the uniqueness of its product range going for months to come then they could be on to a winner. For now then I recommend simply giving it a try, grabbing a few bud bucks tokens and trying your luck. After all if you don’t get in early all the good bargains will be gone!

Oh and in case you're wondering I've yet to spend my bud bucks, although I was able to get some Budweiser swag such as pens and bottle openers so it's not all bad news :)

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