Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Toy Fair 2007 Freebies Part 1

Last week I expressed my sadness at seeing so many wonderful toys at Toy Fair 2007 and knowing that they wouldn’t hit store shelves until anywhere from the Summer to Christmas. Thankfully while I was there I did manage to get my hands on a number of small toy samples which are now scattered around my desk reminding me of the wonders that this year has yet to bring.

While I was on the K’Nex stand I managed to earn myself some street-cred by proclaiming that I had built the entire K’Nex rollercoaster as a child. For those who haven’t seen it the rollercoaster is a giant £100 kit with a small car that goes up a giant incline and loops. Although impressive back in the day K’Nex have now introduced new smaller pieces and bricks as shown by the blade and base on this helicopter. The 15-piece set I received took a mere 5 minutes to build but gives some indication as to how those new pieces can be used.

One of the most traditional toys I tested out was Mega Bloks Dragons. No doubt unofficially helped by the release of the Eragon movie these tiny figures can be built up with play sets in to dramatic fiery battle scenes. While you won’t get much of an idea from the small figure I received (which also had to be hand painted to get the full effect) the idea behind these sets is to build up, so the more you get the better they are!

Although card games may not be at the heights of addiction as they were during the Pokemon craze there is one card game that has gone from strength to strength over the years: Magic the Gathering. My free sample included 15 beautifully illustrated cards including raging goblins, horned turtles, thieving magpies and an “Elvish berserker”. Although not enough to play the game I was taken aback from the range of rules on offer and who knows maybe I’ll get to post my opinions on a starter set some day.

Check back on Friday for the second part of my Toy Fair 2007 free stuff roundup including bubbles, teddies and the revival of Play Doh!

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