Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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Munch Bunch Squashums

As I found out last week going on the scrounge after Christmas is a nightmare. With all the new products released in time for Santa there’s nothing that needs promoting in early January meaning no need for Blagman… Worse still with every company away on ‘festive leave’ until yesterday I knew I’d need to blag something quickly in order to make today’s update. Booting up the Internet I visited everywhere I could to try and secure that one blag to make today’s update and that’s when I saw this:

Tucked away in a corner on’s grocery section was a small banner for “Munch Bunch Squashums” and better still it included those four little letters every blagger longs to hear F-R-E-E. Fantastic. After booking a delivery slot I added the ‘squashums’ to my order with my weekly groceries and clicked submit. A few days later the ‘squashums’ arrived and were very fittingly squashed under the rest of my shopping.

In keeping with the nations new found obsession with repackaging and reselling yoghurt in different sized containers (such as Yoghurt drinks like Actimel and 'Ski up and Go') Squashums have the shape of oversized strawberries and as you’d expect are pretty much strawberry yoghurt in new squeezy shells. On face value this appears to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick aimed at getting people interested in yoghurt that have already migrated to the more fascinating world of Muller Fruit Corners and Mullerice.

Putting my inner cynic to one side for a second (don’t worry he’ll be back) there are two benefits to this repackaging. The first is that you don’t need a spoon to eat these yoghurts; all you need to do is peel off a small foil lid and drink. When you’ve finished a few swigs you can reach some of the leftover by squeezing the strawberry whilst the rest remains trapped forever, a waste for those who like to get every milometer of yoghurt from pots normally.

The second supposed benefit is that the new shape makes these yoghurts more appealing to children thanks to their eye catching shape and a design which is easy to hold. The problem is that consumers with children will have travelled this road before with Frubes. For the uninitiated Frubes are rectangular tubes that also contain yoghurt. They too have a child friendly shape and are also easy to squeeze, so much so that they practically invented the bizarre ritual of drinking yoghurt in the first place. Frubes also have the added benefit of simply being easier to fit in a lunch box thanks to their bendy shape. Squashums on the other hand are bulky and curved meaning they take up a bigger area then they should and leaving less room for a lettuce sandwich...

Whilst I would hardly consider myself a Yoghurt connoisseur it is clear to me that everything Squashums bring to the table has been done better elsewhere. While I recognise that Yoghurts don’t have to be a constant source of innovation, when there are already better alternates available on the market with identical tastes, simply having the shape of a giant fruit just isn’t enough.

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