Monday, January 15, 2007

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Lego Star Wars II (Mobile)

I'll be posting an update on the Kerrang quest tonight but for now here's a review of something entirely different:

As anyone who has played Lego Star Wars 2 (LSW2) on Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube can testify it’s without a doubt one of the best kids games ever made. By recreating classic moments from the original trilogy with comedic twists and lego styling’s the team at Travellers Tales managed to recapture the fun and awe we all felt when seeing those movies for the first time. It’s for this reason that the mobile phone spin off has a lot to live up to.

In many ways LSW2 on mobile seems to evolve as you play it. For the first couple of levels it’s your typical action shooting game as you run around corridors shooting Storm Troopers as Luke Skywalker. Then after a few levels the game transforms in to a puzzle game, now tasking you with pushing lego bricks around the levels and using them to create bridges. Lastly as you add R2-D2 and later Princess Leia to your team the focus is on team work and using the best of each character's ability to reach the goal.

This variety is surprisingly generous for a mobile phone game, the majority of which simply take one idea and run with it till the end, and will have you coming back for little short blasts until you reach the end. To make everything friendly for mobile play levels are relatively short, which means quick load times and the ability to have a quick go while you’re waiting for the bus.

Once you’ve completed the game’s 18 levels (which should take just over an hour) there’s the added option of going back and collecting lego stubs that are hidden throughout. This adds a couple more hours to the playtime especially when the majority of the levels have a few hidden stubs tucked away in hard to reach corners.

As for downsides the save file on my review copy was a little unreliable and always seemed to delete my save file on exiting the game, an especially annoying problem if you’ve just collected 100% of the lego stubs. Hopefully this was just a bug on my review version but if you experience similar issues then please leave a comment below.

Just like its bigger version this mobile phone offering is perfect for kids thanks to its quick load times, easy gameplay and as the movie posters inists on saying ‘mild comical peril’. Of course that’s not to say adults won’t get a kick out of the lego storm troopers or simple logic puzzles on offer here as well. Now go kick some brick!

To buy LEGO Star Wars 2 for your mobile - text LSW 2 to 88188

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