Monday, January 15, 2007

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Kerrang Radio Challenge Part 1

“Impossible to find I am”. At least that’s what I expect the talking Yoda requested for the Kerrang breakfast show to say when I manage to track him down. So far the closest I’ve been able to find in stock has been a talking Yoda mug and as for the doll even Hamleys are sold out. No wonder they wanted me to find one, it’ll probably be on eBay within the hour!

Then there’s the Olympus LT stepper which so far has also been an absolute nightmare. Not only did I email the wrong Olympus (unsurprisingly it’s not the one that makes cameras) but the real Olympus don’t even seem to even exist online. No scratch that, they don’t even seem to exist at all. Which should make getting one of their products interesting.

As for the rest of the items emails have been fired off, and a few ums and ahs have been stirred up but there’s no guarantee I won’t walk in to the Kerrang studio on Friday with egg on my face. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you photos of a blag or two in my next update but it seems for today as least I’ll have to lay down my cape in shame.

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