Friday, January 12, 2007

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Kerrang Radio Challenge Day Zero

Anyone got a fluffy girraffe?

That's what I'll be saying for the next week as I attempt my latest challenge set down by Ugly Phil and Rachel over at Kerrang Radio. For those that didn't hear the show my challenge is to acquire as many of the below nine items as I can by next Friday. I'll be posting updates on my progess as well as reviews of each item next week so be sure to head back and find out how I get on. Naturally if you'd like to donate something for me to review then get in touch at and I'll be happy to post your details on the site and say a big thank you on air next Friday on Kerrang Radio.

So without further ado the list:

A Trumpet,
An Olympus 'LT Stepper'
A kettle
A talking Yoda
Ann Summers perfume 'Ravish'
A Fluffy Giraffee
A little Miss Naughty Mug
A play ball for a dog
And lastly a Toyota Supra Turbo Exhaust... (good luck!)

Check back on Monday for my progress so far. And if nothing else at least I got a free mug...

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