Friday, January 05, 2007

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You have to admire Stelios of easy group. In 11 years his ventures have included easyJet, easyHotels, easyCinemas and even easyPizza, all draped in his trademark bright orange. Well except for maybe the pizzas. His latest venture is, a partnership with Zeon Ltd designed to bring affordable watches to the market. Wanting to learn more I fired off an email (Sadly not to Stelios himself) and soon found myself in possession of a smooth new timepiece.

The model I received is the “Classic Black’ style which costs just £9.99, with other watches around the £7.99, £9.99 or £15.99 mark. The cheapest watch on the site comes in at the pound saving price of just £5.99. Other watch designs include a ‘Globetrotter’ watch with a map of the globe (yes in orange), a “stylish’ watch which wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of GQ and a “Sailor” watch which tells the time using various flags from around the world.

So we can safely say that easyWatches certainly offer good value and that there’s a wide range of options but how about the quality and the inevitable worry of online delivery? Well in terms of post my watch came packaged in a bubble wrap envelope and inside was protected by a hard orange cocoon. This helped ensure the watch arrived without a scratch or dent and later made a handy spare glasses case.

In terms of watch quality I didn’t encounter any real problems with my watch. Hoping to replicate some serious wear and tear I dropped the watch a few times and everything kept ticking. The whole thing feels nice and sturdy and as I’m not going to win strongman of the year my attempts to break the strap by tugging it all ended in failure.

So are there any things to beware of? Well prices are advertised without vat so be prepared to pay a couple of quid extra once you’ve found the watch of your dreams. Also make sure to plan a trip to your nearby jewellers or watch shop when your watch arrives as you’ll probably need to get the watch strap reduced to fit your wrist size, well unless you’re strongman of the year, in which case you’ll be fine.

So if you’re a man who wants a new watch for every occasion or just someone looking for a bit of a bargain should be your first stop. To visit the site click here and tell them Blagman sent you. After all a free easyJet flight or a stay in an easyHotel couldn’t hurt…

Update: It seems are in the middle of a 48 hour sale until Sunday 7 Jan so for a short time you can grab the classic watch and others for £7.95. It's almost like they knew I'd be writing this today. Spooky.


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