Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Cuddly Giraffe

Honestly…. You wait ages for a cuddly toy to review and then two turn up at once…. And they’re both giraffes….

The first one I opened (and therefore earning itself the first half of the review) was the above cuddly giraffe and cuddly ball combo from John Crane. Instantly reminding me of Mamas and Papas and all those amazingly soft toys you wish you had as a child, it’s definitely a very well presented gift. If you know anyone with young children and you’re stuck for a gift then be sure to look this up.

Once you’ve finished eyeing up the box with its tiny rendering of a baby’s foot, inside you’ll find two finely presented cuddly toys tied in to place with delicate silk bows. Untie the bows and you’re left with toys that are incredibly soft to hold and great to look at. Which is a shame because as soon as these beauties go in the hands of a child they’ll be sure to use them to practice their chewing before they move on to your fingers. Thankfully the toys are nice and resilient so will cope with all manner of nibbles and teething.

Next up there’s the more traditional cuddly giraffe from Disney which was kindly provided by Kapow Gifts.co.uk. It’s based on the Disney movie “The Wild” which most of you will know as ‘the one which wasn’t as good as Madagascar but earnt itself some points by casting Keither Sutherland as a lion…’. Thankfully being a Disney toy what it lacks in presentation it makes up for in being every bit as cute and appealing to children as the movie itself.

Sure it may not have the ‘softness of an angel’, presentation box or silken bow ties like the John Crane set but if all you want is a ‘cuddly toy’ then this is the option for you. As you’d expect the toy is well made and finely stitched so there’s no risk of the stuffing popping out straight away. As for unique features the giraffe’s back legs are longer than its front causing it to lean back in a very relaxing position when you place it on a flat service.

Who’d have expected cuddly toy shopping to be such a complex process? Whether it be the pitfalls of presentation or the loyalty to on-screen cuddly characters there’s a lot of things to factor in. So my advice to you? Just pick the one that makes you “oooh” the most and whether that’s due to softness or a giraffe that can sit down(!) you’ll know you’ve made the right choice…

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