Monday, January 22, 2007

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Confidence Stepper

While searching for a stepper machine for the Kerrang challenge I was probably about two companies away from giving up when I reached The Sports After confusing one of their online customer support staff by asking if they had any free stepper machines I received an email from their managing director simply asking:

“Does it need to work?”

Intrigued I typed back a response eager to find out more about this mystery free item. It turns out they had a spare ex display model and all it had was a few scratches on it. Keen to relieve them of their spare stock, and with them eager to shift it we arranged for postage and a couple of days later I was in possession of one hundred pounds (RRP) worth of stepping goodness.

Expecting a dusty store used model I was pleasantly surprised to receive a perfect condition stepper. A quick scan over the unit and I couldn’t spot a single scratch, defect or problem with it. Clearly ex display models are the blagging of the future. After all companies no longer have a use for them so there could be a potential blaggers gold mine sitting in the store room of your local shop just waiting to be thrown away...

Although I only got a few quick goes on the stepper before handing it over to Kerrang I was very impressed. The whole unit was very heavy duty and given that it had previously enjoyed months of use in a shop the fact it still looked near perfect quality when I received it should speak volumes for the build quality. On using the unit there were also no annoying grinds or squeaks which often plague exercise equipment after you’ve used them a few times.

Compared to the full-scale stepper machines in your local gym this is the perfect home alternate. By attaching handles to the side of the machine you get an added work out for arms as well and given that they’re simply attached you can go as fast or as slow with them as you like. Lastly there’s an electrical display to track your time and calories burnt.

The Sports HQ also stock a smaller model for an even lower price of £19.99 which although not as heavy duty has almost the same feature set. At the time of writing the larger model I received was no longer in stock so the mini stepper is your next best bet. The Sports also stock a range of golf, poker and indoor gym equipment which if my stepper is anything to go by will be nothing but the best quality. For more head over to The Sports

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