Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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The Big Cold Turkey

Broke your New Years Resolution already? Got a craving to grab a pack of cigarettes/ six pack of beer or 1 kilogram of Dairy Milk chocolate on the way home? Or have you simply spent a few more hours on World of Warcraft that you planned? Well if you feel like changing your life there’s a much easier solution than living with Gillian McKeith for a month or being tied to a chair: All you need to do is stop being a ‘flakey turkey’ and become a ‘fresh turkey’.

Before you all start ‘begging my pardon’ allow me to explain. The Big Cold Turkey is a cigarette-box sized kit containing a marathon themed challenge to help you give up absolutely anything. It’s designed ideally for those people who find themselves wanting to give up but never getting round to it (‘Flakey Turkey’s” as the manual calls them) but is just as useful if you fancy making a few small improvements to your life. Should you choose to embark on the quest within the kit you will earn the title of “Fresh Turkey” and begin your marathon sprint.

The ‘sprint’ in question is attempting to go 5, 10, 21 or 42 days without giving in to temptation. To help you stick to your goals there’s a tiny booklet where you can record your progress one day at a time. The book also encourages you to attempt the challenge with a friend quitting something too, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on their willpower and ability to tempt you with Krispy Kreme donuts….

Remember how 2005 was the year of the wristband? Everyone and their baby could be seen sporting charity wristbands, fashion wristbands and the must-have Nike “kick racism out of football” bands. Unable to let go of this fashion trend the folks at Big Cold Turkey have taken the humble wristband, cross bred it with a charm bracelet and come up with their own fashion icon for 2007. Although at first it seems like just a wristband you can actually add small trophies each time you hit a key stage on your personal marathon. Keep going all the way to the end and you’ll have eternal proof of your achievement attached to your wrist.

It’s just as easy to flip the concept on its head as well and start something new rather than simply giving up. In my case I’m currently using the band to track my revision for an exam and just today received my first trophy which was a great feeling. And that’s sort of the point, although the Big Cold Turkey is merely comprised as a few small booklets, a wristband and a couple of badges it still has the ability to make you feel like you’re making real progress. It’s no substitution for willpower but instead acts as a giant turkey stood on the sidelines edging you on to victory.

Putting preconceptions away about something like this can always be a bit tricky but if you’ve tried everything else or simply want something to track your progress rather than teach you ridiculous new techniques then you should find out more at Big Cold and grab your own starter kit for under a tenner.

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