Monday, December 11, 2006

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“Fancy blagging yourself an unofficial world record?”

Thats the title of an email which arrived in my mailbox just over a week ago. Not one to turn away from a gauntlet (especially one which includes ‘blagging’ in the title) I threw together a selection of my best blags so far, filmed a video of them on my digital camera and nine days later I became the proud owner of the unofficial world record for “Most Stuff Blagged”.

You can see the video a few scrolls below but first a bit of background. The site handing out these accolades is and current records include ‘Most pointless bike stunt’, ‘Synchronized Farting’ and even a surfing mouse. To submit your own record for judges approval you simply register and upload a video file. Then after a quick check over by the Unofficial World Record Team your video will appear on the site. In my case I managed to register and get my video approved and on the site in just 12 hours which is a pretty quick turnaround if you can’t wait to show the world your attempt at ‘Most Swearwords in a minute’ (28 being the current record to beat)

So without further ado here is my attempt at a video, it’s a little quiet so be sure to turn the volume up… That reminds me I really should blag a video camera one of these days:

By taking the best bits from The Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe it or not and splicing in a bit of You Tube culture in to the mix Unofficial World Records is a fantastic stop for anyone searching for the most unusual videos on the web. To explore the videos submitted so far or to submit your own visit .

P.S If you enjoyed the video be sure to let me know in the comment box or drop me an email at and who knows there could be more low-quality grainy videos to come!

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