Monday, December 04, 2006

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Panda 'Licorice' stick

With my final year coursework due in 2 days there’s just time for a quick honourable mention today before I get my head stuck back in the books.

These days everyone seems to be turning their back on liquorice. With bassets making Liquorice allsorts without the liquorice and the death of 1p sweet shops it seems fans are running out of options. Thankfully Panda have introduced a new liquorice bar (or licorice as they’re calling it) to help fans get their fix and the best part is it tastes even better than Bassets liquorice. The bar I got for free made for a nice little snack and I’ve spotted these popping up even in Tesco locals so if you miss the taste of the sweetshops you knew growing up then these should be nice and easy to find.

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