Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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Doctor Who Shaker Maker

My lack of artistic skills is already well documented so I should warn you in advance that this post may contain images that may shock and disturb you….

One of the best things for the BBC about the revival of Doctor Who has no doubt been the fantastic merchandising opportunities the show presents. Books, toys and DVD’s are all ready for Christmas and even iconic characters such as the Cybermen have been immortalised with action figures and even a voice changing helmet. The TARDIS (which must be typed in capital letters or else) and the Darlek’s on the other hand have also been immortalised, although in this case they’ve literally been immortalised in Plaster of Paris.

Each pack of Doctor Who Shaker Makers includes two moulds and two packs of power so you can either make one of each figure or create Dalek twins if you fancy it. Extra packs of powder can be ordered with 2 more packs costing £2.99 so it’s not the end of the world either if your first attempt doesn’t quite go according to plan. In my case I decided that the rectangular shape of the TARDIS would be far easier than the curved body of a Dalek.

Making the figure is actually ridiculously easy and there really is no excuse for covering your living room in plaster of paris. Creating the model is a simple case of adding warm water and powder to a cup, clipping on a mould and attaching a cup to catch any excess run off. Then you shake for a couple of minutes, and leave it to dry for 90 minutes.

Unfortunately in my case I just so happened to leave the flat just as the 90 minute mark arose. Thinking that an extra hour or so wouldn’t hurt I returned after the figure had been setting for two and a half hours and proceeded to attempt to remove it from its casing. As you can imagine the bottom of the unit snapped off and the bottom half of my TARDIS turned to dust. Unprepared to give up on my flawed creation I then set about painting.

For painting the kit comes with Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black and White colours. That’s another reason I chose the TARDIS as you only need blue, white and a bit of black, with no need for mixing colours and vandalising the carpet in my flat. For those feeling more adventurous than I am (or smart enough to lay down some newspaper) there’s a handy colour chart on the bottom of the box to tell you how to mix colours together. Green and Red for example should be all you need to create your own brownish coloured Dalek.

After some very quick painting I ended up with the poor show you see at the start of this review. Although not a work of art it was fun to make, and I’m sure anyone with even a tiny iota of art talent will be able to create something much better than my abomination, and if not there’s always chance to make a second one….

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