Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Bullseye Board Game

Anyone that’s ever tried to watch darts on TV will have spotted that the majority of matches often turn in to repetitive battles to see who will miss treble 20 first. That would be fine if professional players didn’t know how to hit treble 20 with their eyes closed and because of this matches can drag on and on as you anxiously wait for one person to make a mistake. TV darts in the 1980s however were an entirely different matter, sure the professionals were still engaged in their long drawn on battles but the rest of us got to enjoy a much more fun variation on the theme: Bullseye.

For the past few years the most we’ve heard about Bullseye has been a few jokes from Peter Kay but recently that’s all started to change. There’s been a new series of the show on Challenge TV, a DVD game, and even a board game which I was lucky enough to blag. All we need now is a Big Break revival and a decent remake of Gladiators and it’ll be TV heaven all over again.

Rather than watering down the TV show Upstarts have decided to make the board game as faithful as they could, in fact the only real thing missing is the spelling round and celebrity bit for charity, which you can always recreate if you manage to grab Pat Sharp for a quick game. As the game is so faithful it takes a little bit of time to familiarise yourself with the rules the first time around but once you work out how much money to award for each round you’ll be sorted. All you need to do then is find a nail to hang up the darts board and you’re good to go.

Just like the TV show the board game has been designed for use with 6 players but if playing with less or more (up to 8) the rules can be changed slightly to accommodate for this. Mostly this means either splitting in to two teams or allowing one person to act as a question master and in either case the classic Bullseye formula works just as well.

For those who haven’t seen the show but fancy a darts game regardless there’s really nothing to stop you. The focus for rounds 1 and 2 is hitting spots on the board and answering questions to win prize money. Round 3 switches things around by allocating different prizes (and prize values) to different spots on the board which then adds money to your team. Lastly there’s the chance to play for a grand prize which includes Bullseye favourites such as speed boats and His and Her’s Jet Skis. No water required….

In short this is probably the most authentic board game version of a TV show I’ve ever seen. From the questionable prizes to the bizarre questions everything is as it should be. Well apart from the magnetic darts but that’s probably for the best…

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