Monday, December 18, 2006

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Blags of the Year 2006 Part 2

As promised here’s the second part of my round up of the year. Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for one more seasonal update to round the year off.

Comedy Blag of the Year - Sylvanin Families Toilet and Sink
After a bizarre desire to be able to say I’d blagged everything including a kitchen sink I contacted the makers of Sylvanian Families to ask for their help. A few weeks later I was in the possession of 5 centimetres of tiny plastic sinkery. They even bundled in a tiny toilet to boot.

Least Enjoyable Blag – Veet for Men Wax Strips
This award was a bit of a tie given that in the past year I’ve also had to endure a bug eating party game and Unazukin, the psychic toy. In either case I found Veet Wax Strips deserved this award purely for the brief pain they made me endure and for making me walk around with two rectangular gaps on my legs for 3 months.

Most Fanatical Fans – Relentless Energy Drink
When I first started blagging a friend of mine, JP, donated a crate of Relentless to the cause in the hope I could share the drink with the world. Since then the Relentless review has appeared on Wikipedia, Google and has attracted some of the most fanatical fans from around the globe. Of the comments posted my favourite are “It's like being smashed, but no terrible side-effects! W00t!” and He's right Vodka/RElEnTlEsS is great me and mates call it VR!!!!!!!.!"£$%^&*()$£$£”. Clearly they love it every bit as much as JP did.

Best Childhood Revival - Big Bottom Box
Long time readers will know I love talking about my childhood, whether that be fond memories of FunFax or less fond memories of Tamagotchi’s it’s always nice to find a product that reminds me of times gone by. One product which did this especially well was the Big Bottom Box which rekindled my childhood memories of sneaking to bed to watch the show as a child. As an interesting side note ever since running this review we've been linked to by several porn sites, I think they may not understand what the Bottom TV show is about....

Blag of the Year – Chocolate Hob Nobs
While not the most expensive or the most useful blag, this accolade has been awarded to Chocolate HobNobs for being my first blag and starting me on this crazy quest in the first place. They even took the time to wish me “good look with (my) experiment” and in essence are one of the reasons exists today. For that reason alone they easily earn the title of blag of the year.

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