Friday, December 01, 2006

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The Big Bottom Box

When talking about the Test the Nation game I found it incredibly bizarre that the junior quiz contained questions on shows such as Ali G and Big Brother. After all parents would like to assume their children are happy watching Winx club and the latest transforming robots show. The reality however is that every child growing up has a secret show, one that they sneak to watch every week at 9, in my case growing up that show was Bottom.

Yes the exploits of Eddie ‘Elizabeth’ Hitler and Richard Richard were for many years my bed time entertainment. Growing up I was exposed to all sorts of fighting, swearing and frying pan round the face moments and it didn’t really affect me at all. An hour of Bottom probably contained more sick moments than a weeks worth of Grand Theft Auto or whatever game the tabloid press and blaming the downfall of society on this week, and I turned out to be a perfectly normal individual (well I think so at least).

Sadly Bottom only ran for three series and once it was over as far as I knew that was the end of their Hammersmith flat and their humorous exploits. Little did I know that for the adults of the UK a series of live tour shows kept the magic going and sadly given their 18 rating the TV show was the last I saw of Bottom for quite some time.

Now with 18 age restrictions way behind me and a brand new Big Bottom Box Set containing five live shows, the Guest House Paradiso movie and a best of disc released on Monday December 4th I have a chance to once again continue my childhood TV show. For this review I received the best of disc which contains the best moments from the first few live shows which are set in the classic Bottom flat, a prison and a desert island. I should however point out that although the location may change the jokes are consistent and very funny throughout.

In terms of the best of DVD although you won’t realise it immediately the clips have been put in to some of the strangest montages ever committed to DVD. This includes a montage of scenes where Richie (accidentally) eats poo of some kind, a selection of trademark fight scenes and best of all a set of scenes where Richie and Eddie forget their lines. For those of you who have no idea what Bottom is about I should point out these scenes are done in a comedic manner, and not like Dirty Sanchez style dares.

“Have you seen my glasses”
“Yes I have Eddie they’re on your face”
“No my other glasses, one had scotch in it and the other had gin”

To pad out the best moments for the live shows there are also a few short clips in between containing a fake policemen, doctor and cleaner, amongst others who comment on the bizarre antics of the Bottom twosome. These sections won’t blow you away but in a couple of cases they do set up the next comedy clip by providing some background for those who haven’t seen the shows in full.

All in all I found the Best of disc to be great entertainment. For those buying the Big Bottom set this is the perfect disc to introduce someone new to Bottom. Although make sure you don’t show it to children under 18, they’ve probably got their own secret show to watch instead.

The Big Bottom Box is released on Monday 4th December including 7 DVD’s of Bottom including every live show, a best of disc and the Guest House Paradiso movie. You can buy it for the ridiculously low price of £29.99 from using the handy box below.

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