Friday, November 17, 2006

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Torvill and Dean Golden Moments

Oh my. Golden catsuits, skin-tight white outfits, matador capes and black lace. At first I thought I’d put in a DVD of the Darkness’ Golden Moments instead of Torvill and Dean….

But wait, this DVD isn’t about crazy outfits (although they do provide a lot of entertainment value) instead it’s about stunning routines and spectacle which is also served in equal abundance. Chronicling some of the many Torvill and Dean performances over the years including their perfect 6.0 performance of Bolero right up to their recent ITV show Dancing on Ice.

Naturally when a compilation DVD comes out I always suspect some fat cat agent has simply cut together a few TV clips without the involvement of the stars so it’s with some relief that Torvill and Dean introduce each dance and try to give you that little something extra. Their insights in to each routine and even just their life together are interesting and make the pieces included on the DVD have even more resonance.

There’s some clever stuff in the insights too, for example during Bolero they had to fit a 4 minute 35 second piece of music in to just 4 minutes 28 seconds and couldn’t figure out how. The solution was to sit on the ice and perform hand gestures when the music started as they realised the countdown on their performance wouldn’t start until their skates touched the ice. Not that you’ll really notice when you watch the performance but again it’s nice to hear some info on the performances from true masters of their craft.

In terms of performances there’s over 15 to choose from each of which give a good five minutes or so of kicks, twirls, humour, spins, backflips and even in some cases butt kicking. There really is something for everyone. Speaking of which if you need a DVD to watch with the family on Christmas Day then you’ll be hard pushed to find something this involving that’s suitable for all ages. Sure beats sitting there in silence waiting for the new Doctor Who to come on.

All the routines are completely polished and even the newer stuff really shines. All in all this is a well put together package for anyone who wants their breath to be taken away. Look for it in DVD stores from November 20th.

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