Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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Sharwood's Mini Puppodums and Dip

Last week I talked about how I once received a collection of crisps that were past their best before date. Thankfully that was not the case with these Mini Puppodums which arrived with three whole months for me to eat them. They even included a dip which expires in 2008, plenty of time for a taste test!

In keeping with creating authentic Far East food Sharwood’s have kept the magic going with these new mini ‘puppodums’, in fact they taste pretty much identical to any poppodoms that you can get from your local takeaway of choice. I received a bag of sea salt flavour but there’s also tikka spice and cumin seed varieties as well as mini prawn crackers if you fancy them instead.

If you’re used to crisps that are full of flavour then you may be a little disappointed by the sea salt variety as the salt has clearly been applied with a ‘soft touch’. That is to say you aren’t going to have your mouth filled with salt in quite the same way as with a bag of Walkers Ready Salted. Some people will find this mild taste incredibly tasty, and for everyone else Sharwoods have created a range of dips to allow you to improve the flavour for yourself, so make sure you pick one up if you like a little kick to your snacks.

In my case I received a Mango Chutney and Chilli Dip which thanks to its thick texture is perfectly sized for you to finish off an entire bag or two of mini puppodums. The dips help to keep Shawood’s image of ‘authentic tastes’ going as well with 40% of the tub comprised purely of chopped mangoes. Rather interestingly more than 40% of the tub is comprised of sugar, so that should help to get people in the party spirit at least.

Like any good curry house it seems then that Sharwoods are happy to cater for anyone’s taste. There’s the mild puppodums for anyone who wants to be good (they’re only 6% of your GDA of calories and 9% of your GDA for fat) and for those of us looking for a deliciously sugary treat there’s a range of dips to let you spice things up as much as you want.

Mini Puppodums, Mini Prawn Crackers and dips are available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Somerfield and Co-Op and should set you back around £1.39 each.

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