Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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Phileas Fogg Crisps

Phileas Fogg got around a bit didn’t he? Not only did he travel the world in 80 Days but he also managed to bring back a selection of crisps along the way. He even had time to drop off a selection at my flat, what a guy.

The selection I received included Tortillas, Crostinis and Toasts with an assortment of flavours ranging from Brie and Onion to Spikin’ Lime. With such a variety I didn’t know where to start so decided to tuck in to the most intriguing flavour “Black Olive and Pesto”. I’ve been advocating the use for Pesto on pasta for months with my friends so I really was a little curious to see just what it would taste like on crisps.

The first thing that will take you back with each bag is the distinctive taste, there’s no cheese and onion, no smoky Beckham, just intriguing tastes from around the globe. In the case of the Pesto Crostini’s they have a unique light taste and it’s actually the texture of the crostini’s themselves that provides the most enjoyment. In a way they’re reminiscent of Melba Toast only less dry and with added flavour.

Then we come to the tried and tested format of Tortillas. Coming in nice big 175g bags they’ll definately create more curiosity than a pack of Extra Cheesy Doritos ever could. As with the Crostini’s the taste is very light and it’s up to the crispy texture of the tortillas to do much of the work, which they do very well. I should mention that I found the lime tortillas to actually be a little overpowering but to each their own I guess.

Lastly there’s the smell that comes from first opening a bag. There’s something very tempting about that first whiff you get from each bag that tempts you to try at least one. Again this is more apparent with the stronger flavours but you’re guaranteed to get at least a little kick from every bag you try.

Want to visit Mexico? Then try the Chili con Questo Tortillas. Want to visit Italy? Then try the Black Olive and Pesto Crostini, Fancy something French? Then try the Brie and Onion Toasts. Or if you just want to visit somewhere will a little fire then try the Spikin’ Lime Tortillas. Around the World in 80 Bites anyone?

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