Friday, November 03, 2006

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GLO in the Dark Cup Holder

Sometimes products are so simple that you could write a review about them in just one line. In the case of the GLO in the dark cup holder there’s only going to be one thing that matters and that’s simply does it work? Well for those in a rush the answer is simply yes, it glows in the dark and holds a cup. For those wanting a bit for information then read on.

You may be wondering what good a glowing green blob would be in the middle of the night but for anyone who has ever knocked over a glass of water in the darkness this thing could be a little life saver. You simply charge it in natural light for a bit, turn off the lights and it will glow for hours. Being a curious consumer I decided to put this to the test.

As my bedroom doesn’t ever seem to get very dark (one of the disadvantages of living next to a pub) I decided to conduct the test in the only other dark place I could think of: the Bathroom. After placing the unit it natural light for an hour (leaving it on the side in a lit room will suffice) I placed it in the bathroom, switched off all the lights and waited to be bathed in a soothing green glow.

And low and behold it worked, I could see its position in the room and even that it held a glass of water. After checking a few hours later it was still glowing away, happy to guide me to my drink. So how does it do it? Well it seems it’s coated in something similar to those glow in the dark spiders you will no doubt have seen his week for Halloween. Which is great, as it means you’ll never need to put batteries or a power supply anywhere near it. Just charge in light and go.

This is truly the most original product I’ve been sent so far. It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel or do anything fancy, it’s just a smart solution to one of life’s little problems. And to be honest that’s all that needs to be said.

Glo Cup Holders are created by Lydo Innovations Ltd and you can buy them from their eBay store here.

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Anonymous glo cup holder said...

Glow cup holders only 95p from the glowhouse, which is where the opening paragraph of this post originates from. Get a glo cup holder now.

2:15 PM

Blogger Blagman said...

That is certainly not where the opening paragraph comes from, the cheek!

It is clear you have stolen the content from here, given that it sounds entirely out of content on a product shopping cart, especially with the word "review" being used when it clearly isn't.

What do you think readers?

7:44 AM


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