Monday, November 13, 2006

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First Magazine

Lads magazines would like us to believe that Women shouldn’t expect any help on a Tuesday as men up and down the country will be reading the latest issue of Nuts or Zoo. To be honest I pray this isn’t the case because if it is then there’s no reason men can expect help on any day between Monday and Sunday, purely based on the sheer number of women’s magazines on the shelves in local newsagents. I mean how do they find the time to read them all?

Which brings me on to first, a weekly women’s magazine which does its best to go behind the news stories of the week. After all if women can read the weeks news in one place they’ll have more time to read the 100 other weekly mags on the shelves of WH Smiths. The free issue I received included a report on Women Coal Miners, an article on the M25 Rapist and an article about someone who has recently adopted two orphans … like Kylie Minogue. Ah it seems even first can’t resist a bit of celebrity scandal.

My favourite article in the whole magazine was a small little news piece about a spontaneous dance off in London’s Liverpool Lime Street station. In amongst the hustle and bustle of thousands of commuters people just started dancing through the crowd. The dance escalated and then as suddenly as it started it stopped again leaving everyone wondering just what had happened. As it turned out the people dancing were part of which encourages people to perform bizarre activities at random times. Brilliant!

Outside of the world of news you can enjoy the standard staples of weekly women’s magazines; tips on fashion, health and travel, burning questions such as “Is casual sex good for you?” and even a 7 page TV guide. Best bit? An eight page look behind the scenes of EastEnders; sure it may not be the newest show on the box but a chance to see an aerial map of Albert Square makes First worth the asking price alone.

What we have then is a well put together women’s weekly magazine which ticks all the boxes. Despite my male gender I still managed to find a couple of articles that helped pass the time, and got a good solid 20 minutes reading time out of it. With so many moreish bite sized chunks it’s easy to see how, and why women read so many magazines.

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