Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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Coors Fine Light Beer

Warning: Alcohol is not to be consumed by anyone under the age of 18 in the UK. For other countries please refer to your national guidelines.

If there’s one portion of the human population who love getting something for free it’s students. Not content with 10% discount at HMV, Pizza Hut and the like students can also be found haggling for free stuff in University shops and generally trying to get something for nothing. There is however one place students don’t expect to get something for free and that’s their mailboxes….

Trundling down to my mail-box recently I was surprised to find a small blue triangle sticking out of my letter box. Inside my letter box I found a voucher for four free cans of Coors, not so strange you might imagine, especially given that I have a reputation for this sort of thing but the bizarre thing was every other mailbox in the post room had a similar blue triangle sticking out of it. It would seem for the occupants of my flat, everyone was about to get a free 4-pack courtesy of Coors.

As I passed through the post room throughout the day I spotted the triangles slowly starting to vanish as the student population awoke to claim their free gift. For a change it was nice to see other people enjoy the benefit of getting something for free, and it was even better to watch greedy people try to steal other peoples triangles from their post boxes. Ah the things people will do for a free gifts, well at least this didn’t have to wax their legs.

So with voucher in hand I set down to my local off licence to claim my prize. Handing over the voucher I was directed to a huge cooler filled with cans of Coors and given a bag. No one was watching so theoretically I could have taken 10 cans instead of my pre set 4 but there’s a fine line between blagging and stealing which I didn’t want to cross. Especially not with two bouncers in the off licence at the time…

Arriving home I put the cans in the fringe and decided to open a can with a nice big curry (that’s another student love, takeaways). Despite walking back from the offy the can was still nice and cold and even had a small blue icon to tell me that it was the perfect temperature to drink, nice touch. Taste wise it’s not bad, it’s definitely up there with the Carling’s and Carlsberg’s of the world.

Overall I’m impressed. I’m impressed by Coors ability to supply a flat of 200 people with 800 cans of lager for free. I’m impressed with the fact you can actually get the stuff for free without having to argue with an off licence and I’m also impressed with the way students are still totally obsessed with free stuff. Blagging is the new buying….

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