Monday, November 06, 2006

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Coco, Cafe and Tea Direct

“Just add milk” Three simple words that will generate a Universal response from 99% of people – boiling the milk in a pan. Sadly I seem to be one of the 1% who go and do something absolutely stupid; in my case I decided to boil the milk in a kettle. It seemed like a good idea at the time, kettles heat up water so why not milk?

As I soon found out kettles are a perfect way to heat up milk IF you plan on buying a new one every time you do it. The milk was nice and warm but my kettle was well and truly out of action. Bearing this nightmare in mind I was a litle scared when I recieved a box of Cocodirect which again teased me to use the kettle with its tagline of “Just add milk”.

Thankfully, for my £6.99 bargain basement kettle, I decided to do the smart thing and boil the milk in a pan like a normal person. Once done I added it to a few scoopfuls of cocoa powder and settled down to a nice warm mug of hot chocolate. Having just tried Starbucks new hot chocolate a few weeks ago I found Coco Direct to be every bit as sweet, rich and delicious as the Starbucks blend. The box should really say “just add milk and whipped cream” then you’d be in heaven.

What makes it so sweet is that it contains 40% cocoa solids, the same amount as luxurious chocolate bars such as Green and Blacks. Not only does it taste good it’ll also make you feel good as it comes from Fair Trade suppliers, which means you’ll be helping ensure a fair wage for everyone who helped make it along the way. Also arriving on my door with the Coco Direct were Café Direct and Tea Direct which are also Fair Trade products.

Tea Direct is a very light blend which had just about the right amount of taste. It also comes with what I can only describe as lifejacket tea bags which love to float on the surface of your tea. Don’t ask me if that’s a good thing or not but as I like my tea light with plenty of milk it was just what my taste buds were asking for.

Lastly comes café direct but as I can’t stand coffee my opinion here is about as useful as a plastic haddock. That said if it’s as nice as the other products in the range then coffee drinkers should soon be grinding these beans up and down the country. Now if you'll excuse me I need to buy a spare kettle… just in case.

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Blogger Mikey said...

Fascinating insights indeed. I rather fancy some of that cocoa now. Try making the whole lot cold in a cup & microwaving it, see how that works out.

11:52 AM

Blogger Blagman said...

Thanks for the comment mikey, glad you liked the review.

Good idea for the microwave test although I've got a worry it would just turn out very lumpy. I'll let you know!

3:36 PM


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